A Review of Bristol Airport

The fifth-largest commercial airfield in the United Kingdom, Bristol Airport (BRS) serves the city as well as southwest England. With one runway, the airport handles an estimated 6.7 million passengers per year. Located approximately 13 kilometers south of Bristol City Centre, the airport does not operate any jetways. Aircraft are parked on the apron. Passengers walk to and from their airplanes, or they are ferried by a shuttle bus. Bristol is served by several low-cost carriers, including easyJet, Flybe, Ryanair and Thomas Cook Airlines. Passengers can travel to popular destinations throughout Europe like Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris as well as Corfu, Grand Canaria and Tenerife.

A320 Vueling taxis to terminal

Shopping and Dining at the Airport

The terminal features a wide assortment of wonderful shops, restaurants and other amenities. Retailers offer a variety of products like health and beauty items, fashion accessories and the latest electronics. You can also pickup last-minute essentials, the latest news and bestselling books to make your trip more pleasant. The duty free shop features fragrances, cosmetics and spirits. Take advantage of the buy and collect on return service, which eliminates the hassle and additional fees of carrying excess baggage. While waiting for your flight, enjoy coffee and a snack, fast food, a full meal or a quick drink in the airport’s cafes, bistros and bars.

In-Terminal Amenities

Other on-site amenities include baggage wrapping, porter and trolley services as well as a luggage weighing station to help ensure that your bags are within your weight allowance. Family-friendly facilities include a play area and diaper-changing stations throughout the terminal. Passengers can book space in the airport’s executive lounge, which has shower facilities and complimentary meals. You can stay connected with friends or the office with up to 60 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi service.



Traveling To and From the Airport

Situated on the A38, Bristol Airport can be reached by car from the M5 by using Junction 18 when approaching from the north and Junction 22 when traveling from the south. The Bristol Airport Flyer bus service connects the Bristol Bus Station and Bristol Temple Meads railway station with the airport. The best and most convenient way to avoid airport traffic and high parking fees is to hire an airport taxi for travel to and from the facility. In addition to being dropped off in front of the terminal on departure, a taxi enables you to grab your bag after a long flight and relax without the stress of finding your car and driving home.


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Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek: A complete Guide

Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular trek of Nepal. Many people travel to Nepal only to trek to EBC. It gains its popularity from the view of the highest peak in the world that it offers.


Basically there are two ways in which you can trek to EBC. The first route is one wherein you take a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The other trek is a longer one through Jiri. So instead of flying, you walk your way through and reach Namche Bazaar.

The second route i.e. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is not attempted by many. One requires a certain level of physical fitness because the trek is long and so is the walk. The route is considered to be a difficult one. But the experience you gain from the trek is worth all of it. There are some things about the trek you need to know before you set out for it. This article has laid down certain guidelines for you follow and be aware of so that you can enjoy the trek.

Trek Information:

Accommodations and food and water

You will be spending your nights in tea houses. Tea house is a synonym for guest house. These houses are not fancy but very comfortable. The restroom of some of these guest houses have squatting pnas.

You will be eating in tea houses and local restaurants. Almost all the eta houses have similar menu. You will get a variety of dishes to chose from. For meals, Dal-Bhaat is highly recommended. It is an authentic Nepali dish in which rice is served with vegetable, lentil, chutney, salad and meat curry. The dish is filling and nutritious and will refuel you for your further road.

As you climb higher the price of water will rise. Carry spare water bottles and fill them up in the tea houses. The tea houses sell boiled water for relatively lesser price.

Guide and Porter

Hiring a guide and a porter is highly advisable. A guide will help you with navigation negotiations and during times of emergency. Before you hire one, make sure that he or she is licensed. Guide who can speak languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean are also available if required. A porter is someone who will carry your baggage for you. You can walk free of burden and enjoy the scenery  and other required. We can also manage any other staffs as per your demand.      


You will need quite a lot of equipments to enjoy the trek. Warm Clothes, Down Jacket, Trouser, T-shirt, Hiking Boot, Sunglasses, Sun cream, Knife, Walking Steak, day back pack, Head Light, Sleeping Bag etc. These are few equipments which you must carry during the trek.

Tips on Clothing

Inner socks, Trekking shirts short sleeve, Thermal underwear, fleece sweaters lightweight, one heavier Easy drying long sleeved base layer shirts, woolen blends trekking socks, pair trekking pants with zip off bottom. Dress in layers so that you can easily regulate the temperature of your body.

Outer Layering:

Down vest, wind/rain proof over layer – jacket and pants, peak hat, headband, Warm winter hat, lightweight thermal layer hat, pair gloves, down jacket, Pair trekking boots, pair down booties (buy these at Namche Bazar and they saves your feet.)  Great for keeping feet warm in room and while sleeping and for in the lodge. Pair flip flops (for late night bathroom runs).

Experience & Fitness

Trekking to EBC through requires previous experience. The route is long and graded as difficult. You will also have to be physically fit and healthy to trek. Train yourself prior to trekking. Do cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling. You can also hit the gym to strengthen your muscles if you want. The fitter you are, the more likely you are to enjoy this trek.


Acclimatization is a crucial part of the trek. You can easily fall a victim of this sickness. Keep yourself hydrated. Brink plenty of water. Eat high caloric food. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Take plenty of rest. Ascend slowly.

Despite taking all the precaution if you see any signs of this sickness do not take it for granted. Halt for about 48 hours. Descend to a lower elevation if necessary. Do not exercise and keep yourself hydrated. If you see no improvement within 48 hours, prepare yourself for emergency deportation to Kathmandu.

Best Season to Trek in Nepal

The best seasons to trek to EBC are the Autumn (September – November) and Spring (March – May). The weather is warm and pleasant allowing you to enjoy long walks. Spring collects beautiful flowers, plants and rare animals Walking is also very much suitable during this season. The skies are clearer. You will get clear view of the snow-capped mountains.


Trekking to EBC via Jiri is quite a challenging trek. There are several things one must consider before going down the route. If you keep the guidelines mentioned above in your mind, then you should have a pleasant trekking experience.



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How to Stay Safe at Thailand Full Moon Party

Full moon party at Thailand is one of the greatest attractions for tourists all over the world. Originated on Ko Pha Ngan, an Island in Haad Rin, this festival has a rich history and is celebrated with enthusiasm.

It occurs every month before or after the full moon and a number of visitors are on the peak during spring and summer breaks.

Though the party is worth attending, there is a high chance that you might get looted, injured or get high due to high alcohol consumption.

In order to save yourself from such incidents and enjoy to the full extent, you need to go prepared. Here are some handy tips that will help you enjoy the party without any bad experience.


Know that you are being watched

Though Alcohol is one of the major attractions and activities in the event, there are some drug laws that have been implemented for safety. If you try to go beyond your limits, you might find yourself locked up as undercover police are on the patrol during the party.

Sometimes, your own drug dealer will report you to the police. As long as you abide by the laws, you can drink, party and enjoy as much as you want.

Do not declare that you are a tourist

Try to pretend like you are a local or someone who has been visiting full moon party Thailand every now and then.

According to the past incidents, while the tourists and the newcomers are enjoying the party, bad guys break into their hotel rooms and rob their stuff. The best way to avoid such incidents is to act like a pro and live at a decent place with good security.

Do not bring your keys to the party as there is a high probability that you will lose them. If this happens, immediately inform your hotel.

Do not lose your mates

If you are a family or a group of friends, be prepared and enter with a plan. Decide a common place to unite if you get lost. If you lose your friends, you will not be able to find them as the place is overcrowded, loud, dark and full of enthusiastic people.

Wear Nice Footwear

Footwear is very important. Not because you should look stylish and nice, but to avoid burnt or injured feet. The event is full of alcohol, drugs and fire. There are many activities including fire.

The place is so dark and crowded, that thousands of people have reported injured or burnt feet due to broken beer bottles and cigarettes on the ground.

Though you need to be very careful attending the famous Full moon party at Thailand, it’s worth it.

You will get to meet a lot of people and will make amazing memories of the night. With wise planning, you can enjoy this event to the maximum and avoid any inconvenience that might happen.

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How to Plan A Camping to USA with AmeriCamp?

Everyone, who has watched America through the lenses of Hollywood, wishes to explore the country in real by staying over there. America has a number of amazing and fabulous summer resorts with unlimited recreational activities for the fun and travel lovers.

It’s beautiful beaches, cool and thick forests, green fields, marvelous hill stations and dancing waterfalls all are fascinating and mesmerizing.



So, going to America is summer and exploring its vast natural beauty is a dream that can come true with the help of Americamp, a well-established, award-winning and reliable summer camp organizations that enables travel savvies from all over the world to visit America every year.

There is always a lot of joy and interesting activities in the camps of Americamp. Here, you are able to meet and interact with people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and geographical locations. You see a great cultural diversity over here.

Fun and Memories:

In these summer camps, people can find some good and long lasting friends along with interesting experiences, amazing adventures and pleasant memories. So, this is always a great fun to become a part of the camps.

Orientations and Seminars in London

With a number of acknowledgment and performance awards and titles to its credit, this organization has best offers and alluring deals for the America lovers.

Every year, it holds fairs and seminars in London and Leeds to entice people to apply for its camping programs. There are always a bulk of entries that end up in numerous camps all over America.

According Hollywood:

The truth is that Hollywood movies have depicted every inch and corner of America in such a way as every non-American is tempted to visit the natural and man-made resorts of this country at least once in life. Americamp makes this dream true in an effective and easy way.

Partnered with Americamp, you can have all sorts of funs and entertainment every time along with being able to visit your favorite places and perform your ideal activities.


Best in Resorts:

Living in summer camps is always a fun. It is said that summers of America are the best in the whole world and likewise its demographical diversity, it has a great biodiversity as well. You will see every sort of resort over here and each one is perfect and unique in its nature.

So, camp America in the midst of natural beauty is really a big fun. Awaking in the morning with the musical voices of birds adds more value to it. The whole of this experience is amazing and memorable.

America the Paradise Place:

If you have not been able to visit America yet, you should do it today. By traveling and staying there, you will find yourself in the center of paradise. Along with natural resorts, there are a number of artificial ones too like casinos, clubs, restaurants, theme parks, theaters and shopping malls.

The whole of America is really an awesome and spectacular place to visit. One must have this experience at least once in life. This will a source of pleasant and sweet memories and you cannot forget it ever.

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Key West Sail and Snorkel Day Trip from Fort Lauderdale

Key West is annually visited by millions of people to explore the various activities it has to offer and enjoy the warm waters and cool breeze of this paradise on earth. Key West is a dreamlike island located in Florida’s eastern coast. It is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations with its superb tourism activities and tropical marine life. Plan a trip this year to Key West with your friends or family and indulge in a miraculous sea journey.

Key West

Here you can have the most amazing sailing and snorkeling day trip from Fort Lauderdale. It will be a 3 hour tropical adventure amid the raging waves and colorful coral life. The trip from Fort Lauderdale starts from embarking on a 50 foot vessel, catamaran and sail on the clear blue waters of Key West island. Observe the nature around you, breathe in the fresh breeze and soak in as much sunshine as you can. There are experts and instructors to guide you throughout the trip of snorkeling and swimming to explain you the inside life of the surrounding areas.

The journey starts in the early hours of the day from the sailing excursion where you are picked up from the Fort Lauderdale airport. Then you hop in to the coach that takes you through the serene scenes of south Florida, making a stop at Miami and passing almost 32 islands and 42 bridges. You’ll also get to see the famous Seven Mile Bridge here.

The Key West Caribbean atmosphere is refreshing and sun soaked. Witness the local and historical places like he Mallory square and Hemingway house. The 50 foot catamaran is named Aquaworld which takes you on a 2 hour sail, followed by snorkeling under the deep sea waters.

The vibrant and colorful underwater world is a superbly wonderful sight to see. The beauty of the corals around you, the fantastic species of fish and other water creatures will mesmerize you. The 15 hour snorkeling trip will be the best experience for you which you will certainly remember for ages to come. Learn about the creatures for m experts and increase your knowledge about marine life. The instructors provide you the necessary information and safety rules beforehand so your journey is completely safe and convenient. The abundance of the sea life, the wonderful manta rays, brilliantly bright colored fishes and the amazing bubble blowing corals give the impression of underwater heaven.

For snorkeling you are provided all the necessary equipment. The snorkeling gear is sanitized and clean and highly efficient experts will guide you through the basics beforehand.

When you get back on the boat, you can relax while sitting on a comfortable seat and share stories of the underwater experiences with your friends. Take pictures with your beloveds so you can always cherish these memories for the years to come and the generations to follow. Enjoy snacks and drinks while you sunbathe under the bright sun rays and take a brief nap on your ride back to the departure point.

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