Killarney Flesk Caravan Park Review


Review Date: August 2008

Killarney Flesk Caravan Park is a medium/large caravan park located 1.5km outside Killarney town centre in County Kerry on the N71 Muckross Road. The park opens from the end of April through to the end of September.

This was our final destination on the fifth trip of the season.  We booked the site for initially 2 nights approximately a week in advance. We phoned up from The Apple Farm (see separate review) to push our arrival date back by one day there was no problem whatsoever. A deposit was not required with the booking and telephone manner was good.

For a touring caravan and two adults we paid the rather expensive amount of £31 per night on arrival.


The interactive map below shows Killarney Flesk Caravan Park’s location. Zoom in and out on the map to see the caravan park’s location in proximity to the nearby town of Killarney.


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Killarney Flesk Caravan Park’s address is:

Killarney Flesk Caravan & Camping Park
Flesk, Muckross Rd
County Kerry

Telephone: +353 64 31704

We arrived at approximately 4:00pm on a Tuesday. The road approaching the site was a N-road.  Coming south from Tipperary we went right into the town centre and then headed out the N71 Muckross Road. After crossing the bridge over the River Flesk a sign on the right hand side clearly marked the entrance to the caravan park. Access to the park was very good however there are some rather large ramps inside the park that scraped the bottom of our car a few times.

The Killarney Flesk Caravan Park is a Medium / Large caravan park. I counted 19 fully serviced (hardstand, electric, water tap and drainage) touring sites. 10 amps of electricity was supplied.

In addition there were a further 6 hardstands with electric only.

Three long strips of grass had 7, 7 and 6 electric posts (usually 4 sockets on each post) where touring caravans, campervans or trailer tents could pull up onto the grass and plug into.

In my opinion it would be very cramped if all these sockets were in use. A further 24 electric sockets were dotted along hedges Again, these were not hardstand and did not have a dedicated water tap or drainage.

Upon arriving in the park, we had a quick look round to see if we could find a site that we liked the look of. We spotted one with a hardstand, a water tap, electricity and drainage and a distant view of the mountains. It was also close the shower and toilet block.

My wife went into the office and booked the site.

The park has a lot of tall trees around it and so was quite sheltered.

The Park provided for touring caravans, motorhomes and trailer tents.

There were also a few static caravans in the park.

The touring area was grassy with stony/gravel paths for cars.

There was one toilet / shower block on the park.

Inside the male side of the toilet block there were 8 toilets, 4 urinals, 5 showers and 7 wash hand basins, which seemed adequate although the park was not completely full.

Showers were individual rooms. These were kept very clean. The showers took tokens that cost 1 euro each. They did not have a temperature control but were a very good temperature. They might have been slightly on the hot side for children. My shower lasted exactly 5 and a half minutes.

There were also disabled facilities:

A lot of bins were available to discard rubbish:

Recycle bins were also available:

On site, there was a laundry room providing washing, drying and ironing Facilities.


Prices can be seen in the photos below.


A separate camper’s kitchen with seating area, 3 sinks for washing up (it looked like tokens were required for hot water) and a freezer were available for use. Again this room was kept very tidy.

A Chemical Disposal Point was available for emptying the cassette toilet.

There was no dedicated children’s play area in the park however there was a large sparse TV room.

There wasn’t a shop in the caravan park however the Ivy Room Bar and Restaurant was right next to the park.

We found this park a little bit noisier than most. We felt this was more due to young children being out of control as opposed to a lively buzz. My wife wanted to tie a washing line between our caravan and the hedge to stop children constantly running behind our caravan.

A major downside of the park is that you are not permitted to allow any friends to join you on the park under any circumstances. On this occasion it was not an issue for us as we were a long way from home.


During our stay I had a bit of a run in with someone who could only have been the owner or manager of the park. One afternoon, on our return from Muckross House and the traditional farms, we had approached the entrance of the campsite as usual but one of the double gates was closed over. This would not have been a problem if it were not for a campervan blocking the way in through the other gate. I assumed the driver of the campervan had ‘abandoned’ his van to go and check in with reception. We sat for a couple of minutes and as no-one came back to move the campervan I got out of our car and opened the closed gate a little to let our car through. I closed the gate again and just as I was walking towards our car, someone who appeared to be the owner of the site came out and told me not to open the gate. I explained that I was only letting our car into the site as the campervan was blocking the entrance and that I was closing the gate after me. He was not interested in any explanation I could give as to why I opened the gate and he bluntly told me that he wanted the gate closed and that if I didn’t like it we could leave the park! I didn’t reply. We exchanged looks. I went back to the car. He went back to his office. I could not understand why he was so unreasonable about opening the other gate to let our car in as this entrance/exit allowed free entry/exit of cars until 12:15am and if the campervan had not been obscuring the entrance/exit then traffic could have flowed freely in either direction.

Apart from the these problems, Killarney Flesk was a great base from which to explore the delights of Killarney and the ring of Kerry.


The Killarney Flesk Caravan Park is situated in a great location in Killarney. The showers and facilities are kept clean. Prices are expensive but seemed to be similar to other parks in the area. The park could be quite noisy at times. I found myself in the situation where the owner was very unpleasant to me – one of his paying guests. If there is a desire to meet with non-resident friends on-site then this park will not suffice.

6 comments on “Killarney Flesk Caravan Park Review
  1. Excellent post, couldn’t agree more. I found your post through Yahoo.

  2. yvonne says:

    hi your reveiw was very informative it seems expensive and whats the idea of chargeing for having an awning thats a bit much after paying for a site and if they had a playground like other sites the children would have somewhere to go rather then annoying people dont think id bother
    with it do you know how much they are charging for the leisure centre in the hotel for a swim?
    happy camping yvonne

  3. Susan says:

    I was just about to book this campsite when I read your review and I’m so appreciative of it. It’s a fantastic review and the campsite does look very clean.

    However, we like the peace, which is why we camp, and I certainly don’t want to book somewhere that if I have a problem I won’t find good customer service. I’ll look for somewhere else now…

    Thanks again.

  4. Will Wilson says:

    Thanks for this, it is an interesting read.

  5. jane harris says:

    i too was thinking of staying here but have thought again. i only hope the owner also reads this very informative review and makes the appropriate changes, Fossa near kilarney is good, stayed many times with 6 kids!!!

  6. Ayush Gupta says:

    It’s a fantastic review and the campsite does look very clean.

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