To Be in Heaven without Dying, Go to Adrasan


When my boyfriend was away for the military service, I was so bored that the only things I could do were counting the months, weeks, days (and even minutes to be honest) and dreaming about the days after he came back. The summer was on the way and my countdown was finally about to finish, so I needed to make a perfect summer holiday plan. I wanted to find a different, a special and a perfect place for we really longed for this holiday. Our top three requirements were tranquility, perfect sea and nice food. I turned on my computer and started to make deep researches! I crossed many places off and the only place left was Adrasan. When I finally made my choice, I still had doubts because the only things I had were its photos on the internet and the comments I read but taking a risk was inevitable and I did so. I booked our flight, tickets and the accommodation and waited for that day to come. When he finally came back, we packed up right after and set off! Adrasan, a village in Kumluca, Antalya that is located on the southern shore of Turkey is considerably an unexplored place when compared to the other regions of Antalya (thank God). After you land in Antalya International Airport, first you need to go to the city center and then take a bus to Adrasan from there. From Antalya Airport to Adrasan it takes approximately 2 hours but believe me, you will not regret this journey. In Adrasan, you will have limited options if you like to stay in a hotel by the sea so you’d better book your rooms a few months before. We stayed at Sinemis Hotel, located just on the beach and on the edge of the bay. It’s a small family hotel offering you great food and a flawless view. There’re more hotels in Adrasan that you might prefer, but Sinemis had the best location for sure. You don’t need to search for a better one. I don’t know what you like for a summer holiday but if you need crazy parties, loud music, dozens of restaurants or shopping heavens, don’t bother to come to Adrasan because you will not find this. The only things offered here to you are a starry sky, a diamond-like sea, perfect nature and the sounds of grasshoppers. If you need more, you can go to the villages around but in Adrasan, you may feel trapped if you are that kind of person. Scuba Diving Adrasan is a quiet place yet it offers some activities! You can go rafting at Koprulu Kanyon, take a cable car tour, try scuba diving, canoeing or water skiing! There are also boat tours that take you to the virgin bays nearby, offering you a perfect swimming day! You will witness every hue of the green and blue and you will feel hypnotized! If you really need to be alone with your mind or your most beloved one, and if you need to fill your body with limitless peace, give Adrasan a chance. A holiday will find its meaning and you will really be relaxed to the bone.

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