London iconic attractions for a perfect holiday experience


It is indeed a difficult job to explore all the iconic tourist places in London within a short holiday span. Being one of the favourite destinations for travellers London offers some great sightseeing options.

If you are planning to take a trip down to London this coming holiday then you must know which spots to explore to give your trip a memorable touch.

Buckingham Palace

London, the capital of United Kingdom has too many palaces and landmarks of special interest. So if you are looking to make visits to the places of iconic attractions then your intent research should be equipped with adequate information about visiting the city. The city of London is full of awesome attractions like the Museums, the huge concert halls, the Royal Palaces, and other historic buildings. However, it is a business city and there are lots of multinational companies burgeoning in the present times. You could also collect some authentic information about the top hotels and also bed and breakfast hotels of London that are suitable for you while you are staying in London.

There is some spectacular and historical attraction which is located just outside the Parliament building. These London iconic attractions are awesome.

London Tower clock: That is the London Tower clock. It looks enchanting especially at night when the face of the clock is illuminated. The clock offers the most appropriate timing and with the light shining on the clock it indicates that the Parliament is in session. The people take the Big Ben to be the Parliament clock but it is actually this clock that announces the start and end of the Parliament sessions. The bell with the clock announces the hour.

British Museum: Then there is the British Museum which is one of the greatest museums in the world. There are well over seven million items in there from all over the world.

The scope of these items is large enough from the ancient civilization to the present times. There are items from Mesopotamia, Egypt and many more ancient places. This is also one of the greatest of London’s iconic attractions. The British Museum is located in Bloomsbury and the closest underground station is the Tottenham Court Road. The place is a must visit in case you have some real free time to explore the place. And you cannot do that in a single day!

St. Paul’s Cathedral: The St. Paul’s Cathedral is also an instance of one of the major places of iconic interest in London. Also the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge are worth the visits. There is also the Tower of London which is historic castle that is located on the bank of the river Thames.

The Buckingham Palace: The Buckingham Palace is one of the oldest iconic attractions in London. It is an excellent point from where you can start on foot and watch the different places of attraction like Downing Street, Piccadilly Circus and also the Westminister. The Palace is the residence of the Queen of England and it has a lot of visitors. The other places are the Trafalgar Square and the Victoria Station. The Changing of Guards at the Palace happens traditionally and it is an official ceremony that happens for 30 minutes. It also pulls a large number of visitors.

Coming down to an enchanting destination to explore in London, which is London eye.

London eye:  It offers you the chance to experience London in an absolute magical way. It stands as a representative of London’s millennium celebrations, designed by great architects Julia Barfield, David Marks, Malcolm Cook, Steven Chilton, Mark Sparrowhawk, and Nic Bailey. This tower is 135 m tall.

There are lots more to these places. With a good lot of reading and proper information London travel can turn out to be one of the most interesting travels for tourists who are looking to explore the iconic attractions there.




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