Safety Tips for Towing your Caravan this Spring


No matter how much your caravan, trailer or motorhome is worth – keeping it secure to your moving vehicle is a necessity and can prevent issues. Even though a lot of us tend to focus on the need to maintain our caravans, a lot of us overlook the security concerns when it comes to towing our caravans.



The weight of the caravan or motorhome is a must know and you need to have a quite accurate estimate of the cargo your vehicle will be pulling. This is so you know that your car or vehicle is safe pulling the load.

The maximum amount that your car can pull will be noted in the owner manual. Cars have become a lot more powerful in recent years and for example even a small jeep can easily pull 2 tonne in most cases – though always check.

Hitching Up

Most caravans will have a mechanism for hitching up and the trailer hitch is the most common. Get to know this mechanism and the accompanying crank wheel, electric hook up, coupler, latch and lock, safety chains and handbrake before hitching up. If there’s any issue with the mechanism then it’s best to examine it and if needs be purchase new parts – has a good supply of trailer fittings.

Next, simply line up the trailer and lower the caravan with the crank handle. When this is done, lift the handle to release the coupier and let it fall into position. The easiest way to know it’s secure is to try and lift it up. It should be locked into place. If it’s not fully secure, stand on the bar and hop up and down. Next fit the safety chain and plug in the tail lights. These should then be checked to ensure they’re working. Also check the load position to ensure the caravan is not running low at the back, otherwise you could cause significant damage to it.

Driving to the Destination

When driving on the road, be sure to check that you can see around the vehicle. Often caravans are larger than the car or jeep that’s pulling them. Extra mirrors can limit problems and ensure there are no visibility issues.

It’s also a good idea to get to grips with the load dimensions to prevent issues and problems. Height can be an issue and it’s not unknown for people to misjudge this and end up with no roof. When driving it’s also best to be extra cautious around corners and take your time.


Reversing in a caravan can also be a problem and we’ve compiled some tips.

  • Take your time and be sure that you have full visibility. Often it’s good to get a passenger to help you reverse
  • When reversing with mirrors, turn the wheel in the opposite direction to the caravan. This may take practice.
  • Otherwise look out the rear window over your shoulder and steer in the direction you want the caravan to go.
  • If you feel that you need practice or tips there are a number of training courses that can help throughout the UK.

By following these tips you should have no problems however and reaching your destination should be easily and safely achieved. Then you can simply unload and get ready to relax for a couple of days of simple living.

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