Naples and Why You Need to Visit It

Naples and the South of Italy is often skipped for the north of the country, however the area has a significant amount to offer in terms of history, culture and needless to say food.

20140411-192347.jpgThe city inspires shock, horror, awe and love – probably all in the same day and many people’s first thought when the city is mentioned is the Mafia. However, though it’s a crazy place – there’s no getting away from that reality – it’s also a fantastic and intriguing place that’s more than worth seeing and here are some reasons to make it part of your next trip.



Naples is the closest city to the volcano wrecked ruins of Pompeii and because of this has one of the closest major museums. The vast majority of the treasures that were found in the city are actually situated in the museum in Naples. The National Archaeological Museum is a treasure and filled with piece after piece of the city. Frescos, statues and even the Farnese Bull are in situated in the museum.

However, it’s the perfect place for holiday accommodation if you’re visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum or the Amalfi coast – which if you’re there you will most likely be doing. The wide selection close to the centre of the city makes it ideal for seeing the city and also visiting the sights around it.

The Food

Italian food is very distinctive based on the area or the region that you’re visiting and Naples has the spirit of the south when it comes to food. The pizza in Naples is probably the best in the country. Pizza in Naples has almost been elevated to high art and most Italians will admit begrudgingly that their southern neighbours have the upper hand. Try the Via deiTribunali to try some of the best pizza in the world.

Naple’s pastries are also famous and its fried offerings or ‘fritti’ is known as a must have. Naple’s geographical position has meant that throughout history numerous cultures have settled there bringing all sorts of foreign influences to its shores, making for amazing pastries.


Experts would suggest that Naples Capodimote Museum is the finest art museum in the country besides the Uffzi. In fact, though we don’t like name dropping the The Capidimonte hosts pieces from Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo and even Andy Warhol – the context being it’s of Mt Vesuvius.

Crazy and Relaxed

Naples is a city of paradoxes and contrasts and one of the most evident is how laid back it is, while it’s also frantic. There are few European cities where little is open before 10am, closed between the hours of 1-4pm and then open for the evening. However, the city is a crazy place too – arguments are common place, scooter dodging is a sport and the nightlife is thrilling and exciting. In a lot of ways, Naples offers every Italian stereotype in one place.

Naples is a spectacular city that’s often overlooked for other parts of Italy, however it truly is an Italian city with an amazing flavour and some spectacular things to see and do.

Bob Jenkins has written a wide variety of pieces and articles on travelling in Italy. He has used on a number of occasions to find holiday letting in Naples and elsewhere in the country.

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