Special Interest Tours to Tibet


If you are planning a trip to Tibet there are several special interest tours which could make your trip even more spectacular. Choose from a wide range of tour options or get your tour operator to tailor make your Tibetan adventure.

Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet

Earliest Tibetan Civilization Tour

If you are interested in the early civilizations of Tibet then there is a tour which starts in Tsedang, known as the Cradle of Tibetan Civilization. The city which is located 170km from Lhasa on the banks of the Yarlung River is home to several sites including Yambulakhang Palace which is the oldest architecture in Tibet and was built for the first Tibetan King. The palace is 5 stories high and inside you can see pictures of the early Tibetan kings. Nearby is an ancient king’s tomb, and the tour will also take you to the Tradruk Temple and monastery. At the Samye Monastery which was the first Buddhist monastery built in Tibet, you can see precious sculptures made of gold, turquoise and silver. Spending a couple of nights in Tsedang will give you insight into the early civilizations of Tibet before the tour moves on to Lhasa.

Tibet Family Tour

Traveling with children is always a challenge, you need to keep the little ones interested, make sure the days are not too long and keep them fed! This tour is specifically geared towards families, you will still be able to see the famous sites but at your own pace and with your loved ones. The tour includes a visit to a public park, a free day and an optional visit to a Tibetan orphanage.

Mount Everest Base Camp Tour

If you are both a nature lover and an avid hiker, walker or climber then a Tibet tour which travels to Mt. Everest Base Camp will be perfect for you. The tours include the top attractions of Tibet like Lhasa and Potala Palace as well as several stunning natural wonders near to Everest like Yamdrok Lake. A longer tour which includes Mount Everest may also include the Yampachen hot-spring. The tour includes a little hiking and can include camping. Along the route you will see wild grasslands, crystal clear lakes, rivers and some of the highest mountains in the region.

Tibet Festival Tour and Mount Kailash Tour

For those interested in the spiritual side of Tibet a visit to Mount Kailash is the perfect choice. Mt. Kailash is a sacred mountain to Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon religions. Pilgrims gather here to make the three day trek around the base of the mountain. It is believed that if you make the trek around Mount Kailash your sins will be forgiven. Travelers on a Mt. Kailash tour can join pilgrims in this spiritual journey and immerse themselves in the unique culture of Tibet. If you want a dynamic encounter with the Tibetan culture then take a Tibet Group Tour and visit either the Tibet Nagqu Horse Racing Festival or the Kailash Saga Dawa Festival.

Remember that whichever Tibet tour you choose you will still see the major attractions of Tibet and have many adventures and encounters with the local culture on the Roof Top of the World.

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