Top 3 ways to make your Costa del Sol Villa stand out

As we all know it has been a tough 6 years since the financial markets went into melt down in 2008. Housing prices plummeted, jobs were lost and banks stopped lending and those are just the good bits. All this meant that all of a sudden those Villa owners on the Costa del Sol needed a brand new revenue income to cover the mortgage they had on their villa or replace the one they had lost when their business or job went bump.


This influx meant the holiday rental market on the Costa del Sol over the ensuing years became flooded with more and more villa owners turning their attention to the prospect of making money from their property investment.

This has meant that the supply of holiday villas on the Costa del Sol has outstripped demand from the holidaymaker visiting the famous Coast of the Sun.

As Villa rental specialists on the Costa del Sol Panoramic Villas work closely with all our property owners to ensure they have an edge over their fellow Villa renters.

Below are our Top 3 ways to make your Costa del Sol villa rental stand out

Air Conditioning

Yes it is an obvious one but so often overlooked. If you don’t have air conditioning in your villa you stand a 60% chance of not renting your villa when compared to those who do. Those ceiling fans you have just won’t convince holidaymakers that they aren’t going to be too hot to sleep. Even if they cool the room they are just too noisy to get a restful night’s sleep. Okay, it can be expensive putting the units in place but you will see this outlay covered in your first few rentals and yes they are expensive to run which is why we recommend restrictors that only allow the units to run for short periods of time. This prevents the holidaymaker from going out and leaving them running all day


Any family travelling with children or teenagers know the value of the internet when it comes to getting some peace and quiet and providing their offspring with the communications, games, videos and social media that they demand. No internet equals no bookings. Even the adults want to pick up their e-mails and those who are self-employed still have to stay in touch with the office no matter how bright the sun is shining.


We are not talking Cluedo and monopoly here. Villa holidaymakers know what they want and what they can get these days. They want to be entertained during the day and evening. The holidaymakers want to run inter family competitions and let granddad keep the kids occupied whilst mum and dad kick back on the sun lounger. Villa owners on the Costa del Sol need to ensure they offer at least one preferably two or three of the below list

Table Tennis table

Pool Table

Table football

Air Hockey

Basket Ball Hoop

If you don’t want to buy them then you can always hire them for the season.

Villa rental is not easy and it is costly but if you are to stay head of the pack then it is time to start investing in those extras that the holidaymaker now sees as a must and not just a luxury. Let Panoramic Villas ensure you get the rental return you want from your Costa del Sol Villa.





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