Get Off The Tourist Trail In Vietnam

A massive majority of travellers coming to Vietnam follow the done and dusted tourist trail. Some go as backpackers, some are business travellers while some are affluent adventurers. But they all indulge in the same Vietnam Visa application process, head to hotel booking services or check out the same tour & travel services and end up having the same holiday as others. The concept of backpackers became popular for two reasons. One, it was a cheap way to travel. Two, it was the only way to see places and explore the world beyond what the traditional tourist was interested in and experienced.


If you truly wish to explore Vietnam then you can go with all the on arrival Visa services and make reservations using hotel booking services. But you cannot go with a standard plan of seeing this and that. You need to get off the tourist trail to see the real Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi doesn’t feature on the top 10 list of most travellers or even that of guides. But this is one interesting place that you will ever visit, at least in Vietnam.

The upper gallery in the museum will offer you a series of post-modernist art installations, rendering of the cave where Ho Chi Minh sought shelter during the war and the numerous remnants that indicate the war and how it unfolded.

Da Nang

Da Nang is home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam. Some may even go to an extent to state that it has some of the finest beaches in the world. Not getting into that debate, Da Nang is a place to explore. Amazing seafood, white sands, beautiful landscapes and fun activities along with a very tourist-friendly ambience makes it a delight.

Bai Tu Long

Bai Tu Long is for the mild adventure seekers. The place is less travelled to and thus void of tourists. If you want a secluded experience without passing on the attractions of Ha Long then this is it.

Hon Gai Peninsula

Have you ever seen a sand bar connecting the mainland to an island? You can not only see but explore such a wonderful place in Hon Gai Peninsula. The place is secluded, not very well provisioned but your stay here will be more memorable than any fancy resort.

Bach Ma National Park

If you haven’t trekked or travelled to the Bach Ma Mountain then you are clearly missing out on a serene experience in Vietnam.


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