Top 5 Beaches in South Africa

Known for the best of perennially visited beaches in the world, South Africa is one of the top destinations among the lovers of surf, sea and sand. The country is Located at the southernmost region in Africa and the coast line of South Africa spans across a distance of more than 2500 kilometers. The South Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Southern Ocean to the east. With a plethora of pristine beaches that cater to various genres of beach lovers, South Africa is essentially a beach Haven. Here’s the list of the best beaches in South Africa.

  1. Umhlanga Beach

UmhlangaImage Credits @ Safari Partners

The beach is located at the resort town of Umhlanga, in the Kwazulu Natal of South-Africa and is one of the most popular beaches in the country. The town’s major source of revenue is tourism so staying here will not be a problem as it contains several hotels and lodging facilities. The clean sandy beaches with warm waters from the Indian Ocean make it a getaway paradise. The Umhlanga light house is another popular attraction that gives some of the most amazing views of the surroundings.

  1. Cape Vidal Beach

Cape-VidalImage Credits @ Ockert

Named after Captain Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal, the British Naval officer who visited the coast in the 19th century, Cape Vidal Beach is one of the most enchanting beaches in South Africa. The beaches are located a bit off road from the city and are a famous spot where the endangered loggerhead and leather back turtles lay their eggs. The white sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters of Cape Vidal are complemented with its pleasant climate all year round and can be visited by most tourists looking for a place to relax.

  1. Willard Beach

WillardImage Credits @ lovejoykathryn

The golden beach is located in Ballito and is one of the most famous KwaZulu Natal beaches in South Africa. The beach is set at a backdrop of lodging facilities, cafés, and resorts and is one of the top surf spots in South Africa. The sand is golden and the waters are warm, and the shores are protected with shark nets making it one of the best beaches for swimming and scuba diving. Lying on the Dolphin Coast, the Willard beach is known for its views of the Dolphins.

  1. Blouberg Beach

BloubergImage Credits @ jacashgone

Located in Cape Town, the white sands of the Blouberg beach is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and is characterized by small rocky outcrops. The rocks are a famous spot where plenty of black mussels can be found. The beach is one of the most elegant beaches in South Africa with crystal clear waters, white sands and the water sports. The Beach is also famous as a surfing spot and provides views of Killer Whales, Dolphins, and seals.

  1. Camps Bay Beach

Camps-BayImage Credits @ swazileigh

Another elite tourist beach in Cape Town, the Camps Bay Beach is located on the Atlantic coastline and is known for its turquoise waters and enchanting white sands. The beach also provides some majestic views of the Table Mountains and visit the Twelve Apostles Chain tower. The beach is located at the backdrop of the most picturesque of South African towns and attracts a large number of local and foreign tourists. The best time to visit the beach is during the International Volleyball Festival and the Summer Beach festival.

Listing just 5 beaches from over a hundred beaches in the new world country of South Africa, is indeed a tough task. The above 5 beaches might contain some locations which are unheard of. Nevertheless, the beaches are few of the best places that offer that moment of serene relaxation one looks for on his vacation. If you’re looking for a beach destination to visit, then why not book a South Africa tour from Adventure World? Please visit for more details.

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