What to Know About Caravanning through Europe


Caravanning through Europe is not for the faint of heart but for many people it is a spectacular experience to be remembered forever. By caravanning from country to country, you will be able to explore Europe on your own terms and at your own pace, giving you a feeling of freedom not possible under someone else’s schedule. With this method, travelers can enjoy a sort of home-away-from-home feeling and comfort while also being empowered to stop and enjoy the continent’s natural beauty as well as its cultured cities and alluring sites. The freedom to stop along the way is lost if you’re taking the train around Europe.

Caravan on the Road

Of course, caravanning requires you to have more time available for traveling. This means it may not be feasible for everyone, but if you do have the time available, why not use it to truly enjoy the continent? Caravan on the road instead of flying thousands of miles above the landscape in a plane or missing out on your journey by taking a speeding train. One thing is for sure: a true road trip always gives you a different perspective. You can go as slowly or quickly from place to place as you like, and meet as few or as many other fellow travelers and locals as you desire.

Caravanning and camping through Europe does require a certain degree of planning ahead, but once you are prepared you will have the relaxation and freedom that is difficult to find with other methods of travel. Independent travel by caravanning means that you do not have to worry about clashing personalities with fellow passengers or missed bus schedules. In addition, if a place really speaks to you, then you can make the decision to stop and stay for a longer period of time, something you cannot do as part of a traditional tour convoy or on a coach tour bus.

This ability to travel and stay where you like on your own terms is the true value of caravanning through Europe. With a caravan, you can also enjoy cooking your own meals and sleeping in your own bed. You may feel safer and more secure as well, which is especially ideal in the most unfamiliar areas. You are always ready to move on in case you need to leave immediately or find that a place is not to your liking. Unlike traveling in a rented car, you do not have to worry about hotel agreements or rental drop-off arrangements that would otherwise delay you in these situations.

Europe’s roadways are some of the best-organized in the world.  Highways link most major cities, such as the road from Paris to London. As part of this system, you will find many designated camping locations, hotels, rest areas, and visitor centers off most of these roads. Every country offers camping grounds and associated conveniences to citizens and visitors alike, but these differ in number, common location, and quality from place to place. Be sure to check into each country you will visit to guarantee that you will be abiding by the rules governing caravanning and camping in that territory, particularly if visiting a country outside the European Union.



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