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The most romantic city on the planet, Paris, is the dream destination of millions around the world. Countless tourists flock the French capital every year hoping to get the complete Parisian experience. However, a proper and thorough feel of Paris can be absorbed by staying in a general hotel room and following fixed itineraries; it can only occur when you live there as a short term resident and roam the streets as the locals. Thus renting a luxury apartment in the city makes more sense than booking a hotel room so as to enjoy the romance capital of the world in the best manner possible. For renting comfortable, fully done up and luxurious apartments, you need not look beyond Paris Luxe, the New York City based boutique apartment rental company that specializes in providing upscale and posh short term Parisian apartments. Depending on the duration of your stay, your budget and the number of people along with you, you can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments in Paris for renting with Paris Luxe. All of these apartments are fully furnished and stocked with all the basic as well as additional luxury amenities that one would require during their stay. Paris is absolutely perfect for those who want more than a general hotel experience but do not want to invest in a second home or join a luxury vacation club.


Paris luxury apartment rentals with Paris Luxe

The quality apartments offered by Paris Luxe provide residents with exclusive privacy and lots of space as opposed to a luxury hotel room. The apartments come along with a professional Parisian host or concierge who will always be available to cater to your personal needs such as stocking your refrigerator or pantry before arrival or organizing private tours and fashion shows with a nominal extra charge. Paris Luxe assures the state of the art quality of all its apartments as each of them is inspected by its staff members on a regular basis to keep the high standards in check. The luxury service provider vouches for the quality and the professionalism of the owner/management of the apartments which will satiate their clients’ mind about safety and such other issues. For renting an apartment with Paris Luxe, you have to be staying in it for a minimum period of a week.

Paris Luxe-A taste of Parisian luxury that you will never forget

Each of the rental apartments that France Homestyle Paris provides offers a stunning view of the city to its residents and is located comfortably in the heart of Paris so that important destinations such as the market, tourist places, airports, etc, are all easily accessible to them.Paris Luxe offers complimentary consultations and work with its clients in depth so as to find the most suitable apartment for their stay in Paris. The company has created a name for providing the finest, most sophisticated and aesthetically done up apartments in Paris so that any sort of misunderstandings and disappointments or dissatisfaction is evaded.

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