Indian Railways PNR Status

PNR Status – Indian Railways on an average carry over 9 Billion Passengers annually, which translates to 25 Million Passenger on a daily basis. Indian Railways operate over 12000 Passenger Trains on any given day over 65000 KM of Single Line Railway network, crisscrossing the entire length and breadth of the country.

Taj Mahal

The government of India through the Ministry of Railways operates the Indian Railways; hence, fares on passenger trains are highly subsidized so that all people can afford to travel. Indians love to travel and make visits to various Temples, Mosques and Churches spread across the country. Popular domestic tourism destinations are Tirupati, Rameshwaram, Ajmer Chisthi,   and Varnasi for religious pilgrimage, and for leisure people travel to Goa, Delhi, Agra, Bangalore etc.

IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering Tourism Cooperative) issue reservations and same day tickets. An average IRCTC sells about 1 Million tickets a day on their websites. IRCTC counters on Railway Station also issues same day tickets. With the volume of tickets sold on the IRCTC Website, it is often slow to respond and times out. To improve customer reservation experience on IRCTC website, Indian Railways invited  SAP Technologies to manage the IT Infrastructure of IRCTC.

The IRCTC Website issues Tatkal Tickets (Next Day Booking) for the convenience of Indian Railways passengers for ad-hoc ticket purchases, advanced tickets up to 120 days from date of booking and vacation packages to certain tourist destinations. IRCTC through Ministry of Tourism and private operators makes extensive arrangements to book reservations at various hotels, buses and other tourist places for a joyful vacation package experience.

Indian Railways also operates about 7 Luxury Trains names Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Pride of South, Splendor of South , The Indian Maharaja, Deccan Odyssey. These Trains cover various destinations such as Beautiful Taj Mahal, Majestic Forts of Jaipur Maharaja’s, Ferocious Tigers of Ranthambore National Park, exotic beaches in Goa, Grand Temples of Khajuraho (infamous for Kamasutra), Scenic Ajantha & Ellora Caverns, Ghats of pious River Ganga, Historic Temples of Thanjavur and many more destinations.

Konkan Railways, another subsidiary of Indian Railways operates couple of trains between CST Mumbai and Marmagoa, covering a distance 750 KM tunneled through hilly regions of Western Ghats. Due to terrain, it operates Indian Railways in 1987 decided to commission Konkan Railway Corporation, which manages the entire Konkan Railways. Indian Railways Freight and Passenger Trains share this single lined railway network.

IRCTC PNR Enquiry site allows berth confirmation check of Indian Railways, Konkan Railways, Delhi Metro, Bangalore Metro, Kokatta Metro, and Luxury Trains. PNR Enquiry site is so busy that more often, it fails to load to solve check of Multiple PNR Status with a single click PNR Statuses website was built.

YouTube video demonstrates how to check Multiple PNR Status with a single click at PNR Statuses Website. Please check on the website to know more about PNR Enquiry by SMS, Telephone etc.