Eurostar – It’s More Than a Form of Transportation, it is a Travel Experience

Eurostar is more than a train, it is a high-speed train with an option for one-of-a-kind travel. The Eurostar connects multiple cities in Europe like London and Paris. It zooms through amazing speeds, completing the travel from London to Paris in a mere 2 hours. 


Most people use the Eurostar to get them from one location to another in blazing speeds. However, there is another side of it, a leisurely and travel side. If you are interested to know more about Eurostar travel ideas, then read on!

If there is one thing that is more astonishing than Eurostar’s speed, it is the routes and stops. Eurostar connects multiple cities in Europe. Not just any kind of cities, the ones that are famous and are known as a tourist spot. The train also stops at the novelty places where most tourists don’t know about, but they are travel gems that may lead to unforgettable travel experiences. 

Then there is the route of Eurostar, where the train travels through one of the most breathtaking sceneries in the planet, from the calm English countryside to the towering French Alps.

Talking to a staff member at, a British-based travel website focused on Eurostar deals and promotions, they recommend finding major hubs along a Eurostar route and planning an itinerary based upon traveling to different cities along the route (no more than one city per day).

A four to five day excursion could be a great way to enjoy Europe.  This would give you ample time to visit many different destinations. You can spend a day in Paris, half a day in Disneyland or spend a couple of hours at a famous restaurant in Brussels and then hop back on the Eurostar to your next destination. The places you can go and how much time you spend there is only limited to your imagination; and Eurostar’s routes and your desired travel timetable of course.

Below are a few examples of the notable places where Eurostar has stops:

Paris – a city that is known from the world over. Most people would consider the place as the romantic capital of the entire world. However, Paris has something for everybody, whether you are a family out for a vacation or a couple looking for a romantic time. While in Paris, you can visit and see its wide magnificence boulevards, grand architectures and the Eiffel towers. Of course, Paris is nothing without its famous landmarks, squares, gardens and parks.

Disneyland – most people would consider it as the happiest place on the planet. Disneyland is a dream place for most children and it is among the top tourist destination of Europe. It’s a place where everyone can have an adventure, frolic and enjoy. Tourists get to see and meet their favorite Disney characters and don’t forget the thrilling and breathtaking rides. The park is gigantic to say the least as it covers 140 acres of land with 7 world-class hotels.

Brussels – the capital city of Belgium and home of many magnificent museums, monuments and architectures. Brussels also feature one of the best night life in the world. And for the cafe and restaurant lovers, Brussels features some of the most known cafes and restaurants in all of Europe.

Eurostar is more than a train, it is truly a travel experience by itself. So if you’re thinking of a unique travel vacation, try taking the Eurostar on your next trip and see and experience the real Europe from a different perspective.

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