Benefits of multi-centre holidays

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Europe. There are so many places to see that the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Should you see a historic city like Rome or Florence? Should you head to the coast? Or would it be better to venture to Sicily?


The truth is, you don’t need to stick to one place. Many people make the mistake of only seeing one destination in Italy, when in fact they could see two, three or more on multi-centre holidays.

Seeing more of Italy is easy

The great thing about travelling to different places in Italy is that it is very easy to do. You can travel by train or bus to most places with ease, or you could rent yourself a car or even travel on internal flights.

Alternatively, let someone else do all the planning for you. Using a company like Bellarome, you can stay where you want to and let them take care of the logistics of multi-centre holidays. Italy is a great place to explore in this way, and if someone arranges everything for you, you will have more time to plan what you want to see in each location.

So much to see

With a country like Italy, there really is so much to see that it would almost be a shame to stay for your entire holiday in one place. For example, there are many well-known cities including:


As well as the cities, there are stunning regions, one of the best of which is Tuscany. Visit a few towns and villages here and experience delicious wine, spectacular countryside and fascinating history all in the same afternoon.

Throughout Italy, you will find world-famous historic sights like Pompeii and Civita di Bagnoregio. If stunning natural scenery is more your thing, you can explore beautiful mountains, beaches and lakes throughout the country.

Spend time in the city and the countryside

If you want a city break, why not see two cities on the same holiday? You can stay in each for a week or so and then travel between them very easily. For example, you could explore the best of Venice followed by the best of Florence in the same holiday – just because they are in the same country, they are incredibly different and you will essentially experience two holidays for the price of one.

Or you could visit a city for a few days and then spend the second half of your holiday in the countryside. Italy has some stunning countryside, and it is very easy to access from any city. Find a remote lake and relax on the shores, go walking through the Apennines or just relax on a picture perfect beach – the choice is yours.

Discover the food of Italy

There is more to Italy than the sights: there is also the food. You may even have been drawn to the country to sample its cuisine, and the great thing about the country is that the food is different wherever you go.

Pasta and pizza are popular everywhere, but it is the unique twist that different areas put on their dishes that makes it such an exciting culinary place to explore. For example, your culinary experience in Rome will be very different from Sardinia.

See more of this beautiful country

Why limit yourself to one destination in Italy when you can see more? Multi-centre holidays are great wherever you go, but especially in Italy. So start planning your own trip and try to decide which places you would like to visit during your time in Italy.

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