Great ways to keep children entertained when camping

Getting back to basics and having a good old fashioned camping holiday might be the ideal holiday for you and your partner, but what happens when the kids come along?  These little people have a notoriously short attention span and if you have dragged them away from their electronic lifestyle for a week or two keeping them entertained in other ways in a must if you want to remember this holiday for all the right reason. Here are 4 great ways to keep kids entertained when camping.

Kids Camping

At one with nature

You can’t expect kids to be left to their own devices and entertain themselves so this is where you get involved in showing them what it is you love about the great outdoors. Research the areas you are thinking about going camping to see what wildlife exists there. Then all you have to do in create nature trails and make it into a competition by giving them a list of creatures to find and mark them off as they find them. Keep this simple and they won’t get bored, make it complicated or obscure and they will.


Swimming, cycling, horse riding, fishing and many other activities of this ilk is readily available and will give you great fun together as a family. You will be hard pushed to find a family that doesn’t like horses and pony trekking is a brilliant way of seeing the countryside from a whole new point of view. Other essentials include a football and bat and balls if you have room for them. Mixing up the activities and spending quality time with your kids will ensure that happy memories are forged rather than you all having a holiday you want to forget. Cotswold Outdoors have a great selection of items for this sort of thing.

Accept outside help

Campsites often have a host of activities of their own on offer and if your kids want to join the kids club and escape from mum and dad for a while then let them. Enjoy some quiet time with your partner and keeping kids permanently entertaining can be very tiring. These work particularly well if you have children in different age groups as they can then go with the group that offers them age appropriate activities. It also gives them a break from each other, which can be priceless when it comes to retaining harmony on holiday.


This is fact becoming one of the most fun activities to take part in when on a camping trip and it is easy to see why. A treasure hunt using GPS appeals to both adults and youngsters as it is both exciting and challenging. If you haven’t yet decided where to go camping have a look for geocaching and try and visit an area that offers it, you won’t be disappointed.

Family holidays should create memories that last a lifetime; “remember when dad fell in the lake?”, “remember that time we went riding?”. Keeping the kids entertained is all paer of the process, and now you know how.

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