7 Amusements For Kids And Their Parents In Ottawa!

Are you travelling with your children?
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Do you know that Ottawa is considered to be the 7th coldest capital in the planet?
But nevertheless you can put on some coat and visit the National Gallery of Canada with hugest spider of our planet; it has 9 m height and is made of bronze by Louise Bourgeois.
Get into your car and let’s enjoy unforgettable holidays in Ottawa!

1. Become a secret agent playing Commando Paintball!

Location: 4565 Dunning Road, Ottawa, Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.401478, Longitude : -75.341276
Working hours: every day 8.00-16.30
Price range: 15-55 $
Parking: available


Are you looking forward to spend a day with fun and get some adrenalin?
You and your children will enjoy thrilling experience by taking part in secret mission! You can try 10 different areas with differently equipped zones. Everything is thought-out, and every detail is carefully prepared.
Try amazing adventure with bridges, towers, boats, trucks, barricades.
If you are a beginner you will be in the team with the same gamers.
More skilled people will be offered a more complicated game like the Naval Base or Army Base where you have to find out about the confidential data…
Tippmann marker, pod packs, coverall, protective glasses and other things are waiting for you in this game! Do not hesitate anymore and let’s start!

2. Relax together with your kids in Splash Wave Pool!

Location: 2040 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.438796,  Longitude : -75.600327
Working hours: Mon-Fri 7.00-20.30
Sat-Sun 8.00-18.00
Price range: 3-7$
Parking: not available


It’s time for swimming in great Splash Wave Pool! A new 25 m pool is waiting just for you.
What about to try a 32m waterslide? We are sure you will like to swim in a pool despite of bad weather or hot sun, it is fully covered and has crystal clean water.
Maybe you want to rest and forget about everything? Hot lagoon is the best way to make your muscles relaxed.
For children a kiddie pool with spray fountains and whirlpool will be the ideal place. They will be playing hours by hours while you can swim or just lie in the beach area.
Do not forget that a qualified trainer is ready to help you any time!

3. Try amazing Midway Family Fun Park for all ages!

Location: 2477 Kaladar Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8B9
GPS position: Latitude : 45.375319 , Longitude : -75.670998
Working hours: Mon-Thu, Sun10.00-21.-00
Fri-Sat 9.00-22.00
Price range: 20-79.99$
Parking: Free

Midway Family Fun Park is a real world of entertainment.
Your children can do everything they can here.
Jungle gym is for children under 13. It is 30-foot bouncy castle, where they can jump, run, climb, swing and show how strong they are.
Do you have a driving license? Do not worry in Bumper cars you can drive without any documents.
Kiddie trains will take you to any place you want, just prepare your ticket and the trip starts!
To regain your strength you can in Max’s bistro. Taste Max burger for 11$ with a Salad for 5$, or order a big pizza for 14$.

4. Try a new Laser Tag Arena in Funhaven Entertainment Centre!

Location: 1050 Baxter Rd, Ottawa , Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.354498 , Longitude : -75.779507
Working hours: Mon-Thu 10.00-22.00; Fri 9.00-13.00; Sat -Sun 9.00-21.00
Price range: from 4$
Parking: Available

Just by entering the Funhaven you will be amazed by variety of different attractions. To try your skills in rock-climbing you can by overcoming 20 m wall.
Have you seen movies where someone is trying to go through lasers in order to steal some precious jewelry?
Lazer Frenzy is just that place with many mirrors and lasers, special light, where you can win if you touch fewer lasers as your rival.
For the smaller ones you can find a Toddler play area with 3 different zones. You won’t be bored here if you try Skill Games and Prizes, Typhoon simulator rides, Mini-Bowling and much more.

5. Visit Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre and get fun!

Location: 1650 Queensdale Avenue, Ottawa, Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.346384, Longitude : -75.627187
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00; Sat 9.00-19.00; Sun 9.00-17.00
Price range: 6-12$
Parking: not available

Make a present for your children and take them to Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre.
First you can offer them to visit a roller rink where they can have fun and ride as much as they are able.
Then your kids must take part in bicycle racing. What about skating? It is also here!
In Play Structure your children are playing and you can play with them or just seat in the snack bar and enjoy meals.
Many games and amusements are placed in this center to let you relax while your little miracles are playing!

6. Touch a real snake in Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo!

Location: 5305 Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.288403, Longitude : -75.574446
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-16.00; Sat -Sun 10.00-17.00
Price range: 12.50$
Parking: available


Do you like animals and want to find out more about them?
25 exhibits including rare species of reptiles are in this zoo. A huge aquarium contains crocodiles with big teeth and long tails.
In a new nature center visitors will get to know about endangered animals. You will be offered to see 150 animals.
Have you ever touched a giant python? If not, do not be afraid and do it just now!
Different snakes like cobras, rattlesnakes are also here. What about tarantulas and various spiders? Do not miss a chance to see amazing reptiles!

7. Feel yourself brave by taking part in Pirate Adventures!

Location: 588 Hog’s Back Rd., Ottawa, Canada
GPS position: Latitude : 45.370159, Longitude : -75.698064
Working hours: Every day 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm
Price range: Children – 12 $; Adults 20$
Parking: available

An exciting pirate adventure will be held on a board of the ship during more than an hour.
The crew is a group of well-prepared actors who will transfer you and your kids into the epoch when you could meet one-armed pirate.
Try to shot a boat with one of the twelve canons of the ship.
You will try to find a treasure map, which will lead you to adventures and jewels. Of course, someone will try to capture your ship but you will show how brave you are and win in a battle.

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Have a super trip with your kids and gain happy memories together!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a writer who enjoys life travelling and blogging about family entertainment spots while visiting different countries. In this article she tries to find some special ideas for vacation in Ottawa.

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