Luxury Business Class Flights for a Great Price

Most budget-minded fliers would agree that waiting till the last moment to reserve a flight is a very bad idea. Ticket prices are at their lowest level the day a flight is announced, so the closer is the departure date, the higher is the airfare. Pretty logical, right?

Now, one thing only savvy travelers know is that the abovementioned rule doesn’t always apply, and you might get a great deal even if you book your flight a couple of weeks, days or even hours before the departure. When seeing that a certain flight isn’t as popular as they expected, many airlines start selling empty seats for incredibly low prices as each empty seat is a huge loss for an airline.
If you want to travel last minute for cheap, you have to be prepared to be very flexible. If you know that your boss will not appreciate your sudden absence, maybe you should stay away from this kind of travel. But if you can afford the spontaneity of setting out on a trip any moment, you are a perfect last minute flier.
Departure dates aren’t the only aspect of last minute travel that requires flexibility. Very often you will find that traveling to the same destination costs less, if you depart from an airport which is located a bit farther. So be prepared to drive an extra half an hour or so.
So let’s say you have found a last minute flight that suits you perfectly. The flight dates are fine, the price is great, but you need a day or two to think it all over. Wait, what?! You don’t have a day or two to think about it! Chances are, all seats will be gone within a few hours. Remember, when you find a last minute deal that suits you, you book the flight immediately. Cheap last minute flights sell faster than lemonade on a hot day, so don’t hesitate.
And we have one last tip for all you last minute enthusiasts out there. Fly alone. Booking one cheap seat last minute is a dozen times more realistic than booking two, to say nothing about booking three, four or even more for your entire friend group. Before you start worrying about who is going to take all those precious pictures of you, we want to add that you don’t necessarily need to be alone once you arrive at your final destination. If you want to travel with friends, allow a reasonably sized window for everyone to arrive and share the joy with your favorite people in the world.
You might be under the impression that with all this hippie-esque vibe of last minute travel you will have to spend god knows how long in a tiny coach seat. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As we mentioned before, each empty seat is lost revenue for airline companies, so you may well end up paying the price of economy and spending the duration of your flight in the luxury of business class with

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