What to Look for in a Hotel While Traveling

As someone who is always on the road, I’m constantly staying in different hotels. At least once per week, I’m in a different city, in a different hotel. So I’m pretty qualified to offer an opinion on which types of hotels are the best to choose, and which amenities you should look for.

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Rewards programs. First thing’s first – you should be signing up with all the big brand hotels’ rewards programs. Even if you only travel a few times per year, it’s worth it. And if you travel as much as I do, you absolutely need to get on this. Rewards programs offer all types of peripheral advantages and perks that you wouldn’t get otherwise with the hotel. Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt are just some of the big brands that offer a program. They are free to sign up, too. What are some of the benefits? Well, they have different kinds of “levels” you can hit – the more nights you stay, the higher level you hit. The most common benefits include free breakfast, free wi-fi, early check-in, late check-out, free transportation to/from the airport, and even a free night depending on how many credits you rack up.

Hotel gym. If you’re a fitness buff, one of the first things you’ll want to check with the hotel is whether or not they have a gym on-site. But that’s just the first step. Some hotels offer a gym, but their facilities are barren, and they’re only open a few hours a day, so it’s barely an amenity at all. Make sure you check out the hotel’s website – or call the hotel yourself – to see what kind of gym they have. Do they only have treadmills, and nothing else? Some gyms have full cardio machines, a rowing machine, an inversion table, free weights, and everything in between. Check out more at Jane’s Best Fitness.

Food options. This is more related to business travel here. If you’re on vacation, chances are you’re not going to want to dine in the hotel you’re staying out, which makes perfect sense. But any business traveler can tell you that there are times when you’re too tired to find a restaurant in town, and just want to be able to grab a quick bite and drink at the hotel restaurant or bar. This is especially true if you’re staying in a city for a couple of weeks, and working every day. When I’m done with my work day, sometimes I just feel like relaxing, heading over to the hotel bar, ordering a few drinks and a casual dinner, and just hanging out by the bar. Then, when I’m done, I can be up in my bed within five minutes. So be sure to check out your hotel’s dining options before booking.

And there you have it – by following the above advice, you should be able to improve your business travel experience.

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