The Takeout Culture a Look at the Global Food Industry


Scott Waldron

There once was a time, when takeout food was a real treat. People would look forward to ordering a meal, and it would be a rare occurrence. Many people in the western world now eat takeout on a regular basis. It would seem that people no longer have time to cook for themselves every night. That means that people would rather reach for the phone, than a recipe book. People now have busy modern lifestyles. Those lifestyles mean that few people bother to cook for themselves every day. Here are a few things you didn’t know about takeout food.

Some takeouts can be healthy

People often assume that takeout food is unhealthy. They think that anything that they haven’t made at home is full of fat. That is not the case. The rise of takeout food has also meant that there is more emphasis on making healthy food for people. Many restaurants now advertise healthy food on their menu, as well as low-carb, low-fat alternatives. One of the main reasons that people avoid takeout is because they believe that it is unhealthy.

The average person buys 12 takeouts a month

People no longer order takeout meals on special occasions. Instead, ordering food has become a regular thing for many households. On average people order around 12 takeout meals a month. That’s between two and three takeout meals every week. People tend to have less time than they once did. Longer working hours and exciting social lives, mean that people don’t have the time to cook meals for themselves. That means that many people are reliant on ordering takeout food as part of their main diet.

You can reuse takeout rice

One thing that many people find when they order Asian takeout food is that they have rice left over the next day. Rather than throwing that rice out, there are many things you can use the excess food for in your home. Mixing the rice into a soup or making some rice pudding are just two of the many ways you can reuse old rice. When you order an Asian takeout, you should consider sharing a dish of rice between two or three people.

Women eat fewer takeouts than men

When it comes to a battle of the sexes, men win in the takeout department. Men tend to order takeout meals more often than women do. That means that men eat loads more takeout food than women do. The one style of takeout food that men order the most is Pizza. The second most-popular style of cuisine that men order is Chinese food.

You can buy pizza almost anywhere in the world

If you’re planning a trip abroad, but need your fix of pizza, don’t worry. Pizza is the most-popular takeout dish in the world. That means that you can order pizza no matter where you happen to be. If you’re traveling around the world, you can get a takeaway pizza in Saudi Arabia to fill you up. When you travel to foreign lands, make sure that you have a phone on you at all times. You can order pizza to almost any destination in the world so you will never go hungry.

You should always recycle takeout containers

Takeout containers pose a huge threat to the environment. More people ordering takeout means more packaging for each meal. That means that each time you order a takeout meal, you need to make sure that you recycle the packaging. You have a duty to the environment to make sure that you don’t waste material. If you have a recycling system at home, make sure you use it. Put cardboard takeout boxes in the card and paper bin so that it will not go to waste.

People in capital cities eat the most takeout food

Capital cities around the globe have the highest number of people ordering takeout food. That means that people who live in cities tend to eat more takeout food than people who live in the countryside. People in London, England eat more takeout food than people in the rest of the country. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon is because people who live in the center of cities live busy lives. That means that city-dwellers have less time to cook for themselves.

Women love sushi

Whilst men tend to order more pizza than other forms of takeout, women tend to order more sushi. People often think that Japanese food is a healthy style of takeout. In fact, the cuisine can be just as bad for you as any other style of takeout. The rich sauces and heavy meat content of Japanese food mean that the dishes are high in calories and fat.

Ordering less cheese on your pizza is a must

When you order pizza, you should try and order less cheese on your meal. Pizza is not all that bad for you in the grand scheme of things. What is bad for you, though, is cheese. Pizza has many good qualities. Experts believe that eating pizza on a regular basis can help to prevent certain types of cancer. If you have loads of vegetables on your pizza and opt for a thin crust, your meal is quite healthy. Reducing the amount of cheese you have when you eat pizza will help to keep your heart strong and make the meal less fatty.

People aged between twenty and thirty are the biggest takeout eaters

People over the age of thirty tend to order far fewer takeout meals as people ten years younger than them. The people who order the most takeout meals in the world are people between the ages of twenty and thirty. People who are younger than twenty tend to live at home and so have their parents cook them meals. People over the age of thirty tend to start developing an interest in cooking and hosting dinner parties. When people are between the two ages, though, they order loads of takeout meals every week.

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