TOP 10 Fascinating Resorts of Mallorca

What is Mallorca famous for? What are the must-visit places? What specialties are to try? What souvenirs are to buy? And is it worth to go shopping and update your wardrobe? Which beach to choose for sunbathing?
Of course, you’ll have all these questions before your trip to this paradise. Today we are going to solve one of the main issues. We will help you to find a perfect resort for your unforgettable vacation. Hope this TOP 10 list will help you!
So, let’s see what we can choose.

Are you traveling with kids? Then you should choose Alcudia beach.
The sea in this area is shallow and clean. The beach is marked with blue flag. Do you know what it means?


The beach with a blue flag promises you:

  • free access to the beach
  • pure and weekly tested water
  • no garbage, clean sand
  • surveillance and rescue service
  • emergency assistance directly on the beach
  • showers
  • no motor vehicles
  • no pets.
    A chain of restaurants stretches along the beach. The quality of the food (especially near the harbor) and the prices are quite reasonable. Just choose what you like! So we give 10 points to Alcudia beach, as it is perfect for any type of vacation!

Cala D’Or
Cala D’Or means “Golden Bay”. You may easily guess why!
The name comes from the color of the local sand on the east coast of Mallorca. The beach is also marked with blue flag.
This resort gets 9 points out of 10 because it is quite small, but really charming!
In general Cala D’Or has five magnificent beaches in bays: Cala Gran, Cala D’Or, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena. All of them are quite small, but very beautiful.
The sand there is fine, and the water is crystal clear. You can rent a water bicycle at Cala Gran and Cala Ferrera, windsurfing on the Cala Esmeralda, or try diving at Cala Ferrera.
Would you like to explore the underwater world? Crystal clear water and lots of colorful fish create excellent conditions for diving along the cliffs!

Cala Formentor
Cala Formentor is located on Formentor peninsula in northern Mallorca. This beach also has a blue flag. In combination with pine trees by the sea and mountain views, Cala Formentor is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.


If you plan to have some fun, this place is not for you! This beach has only one shop and two restaurants. This is the only reason why we give 8 points to this charming place!
You may wonder how to get there if you live on the other part of the island. It’s easy!
Almost any part of the island can be reached by bus. Travel in a bus costs EUR 1,10, a card for 10 trips will cost you 8 euros.
The buses in Mallorca are not very comfortable, so the best solution for you is a car with air conditioning. Especially in summer! The easiest way to get a car is to use online car rental service, for example,

Camp de Mar
Camp de Mar is located in the south-west of the island, between the towns of Puerto Andratx and Paguera.
The resort has about 8,000 permanent residents, but in the summer months, their number increases to 30,000. So this is the reason for overabundance of tourists in July and August! Not everyone likes overcrowded beaches, that’s why let’s give 7 points to this resort.
The beach is well protected from strong winds and waves in a beautiful bay. A wooden bridge leads to a charming island in front of the beach, there is a restaurant and a bar. Also there are several small restaurants on the beach.

This is one of the oldest resorts in Mallorca. Paguera consists of three beaches: Playa Palmira, Playa de Torre and Playa La Romana.


All the beaches are very child-friendly with fine sand and shallow entrance to the sea. Your small tourists will love all kinds of entertainment that you will find here! It can be quite overcrowded because it’s really small, but this is the only reason why we give it 8 points out of 10.
You can have a really great time here because of great quantity of restaurants, cafes and bars near the beaches.

Portals Nous
Portals Nous is located in the southwestern part of Mallorca, about 10 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. The second name of the beach is Cala Bendinat.
The beach is seldom crowded during the summer months, but there are problems with parking spaces. It is not very comfortable if you are traveling by car, so we give it only 6 points.
There is a beach bar and cafe, but there are also a lot of excellent and expensive restaurants for every taste in the port area. So take your friends or family and come here in the evening, when the light are extremely bright!

Port d’Andratx
This is one of the most exclusive resorts in Mallorca, but the beach is very small, only 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. The name of the beach is Cala Phenols.


It consists partly of sand and partially of gravel. It is not very favorable for children, but there is no problem with parking, since the beach is rarely used.
Generally the resort is filled with expensive sailboats and yachts. So if you want to dive into the world of luxury, this place is 100% for you! 10 points of satisfaction!

Puerto Pollensa
Beautiful, wide sandy beach with fine sand and shallow entrance to the sea – this is Puerto Pollensa. You will not find a lot of campers there even during the summer peak season. It is also marked with a blue flag. There is a lot of space for children because of quite shallow water. We surely give it even more than 10 points!
A huge number of coastal restaurants with excellent cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

Santa Ponsa
The resort of Santa Ponsa is located 20 km to the west of Palma de Mallorca. Beautiful sandy beach with clear water and pine trees (they offer a pleasant shade during the hottest hours), is marked with a blue flag. This beach fairly deserves its 10 points!


The beach is good for children. It is quite shallow and has a lot of space for games.
The main golf resort of Mallorca is situated in Santa Ponsa. So, if you are a fan of this game, this resort is perfect for you.
There are 3 things you should do during your vacation in Santa Ponsa:

  • Feed noisy parrots in a pine grove.
  • Climb the ropes in the “Park of the jungle”.
  • Visit the historical tour of the town.

Puerto de Soller
Puerto de Soller is popular among middle-aged audience, attracted with the picturesque countryside and plenty of hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. We give 8 points to this beach, because of this its atmosphere! You will feel it from the first second.
There are two beaches in the beautiful bay of Baia de Soller: Port and Playa den Repik. The Port consists mainly of sand, but there are also small pebbles. Playa den Repik is a beautiful natural beach with a fairly steep slope into the sea.
No matter what resort you choose, you will never forget a trip to Mallorca. The magic of this island will absorb you from the first minute

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