Langkawi: the ultimate checklist for shopping fans

For a long time, Langkawi has been famous for its mild sunny climate, natural beauty and countless legends.

It’s visitors are always captured by the unspoiled landscapes, clear sea water, mysterious underwater world, grand caves with stalactites and stalagmites and, of course, numerous attractions.

This island is a paradise, if you are in the mood for having a relaxing pastime in comfortable surroundings.


However, there is another reason why the island is so popular among tourists – it is due to the excellent shopping opportunities.

The entire territory of the island was declared a free trade zone by the decision of the Malaysian Government, so you can shop there without sacrificing your finances.

Want to know what the best Langkawi shopping spots are? Let’s find it out!

Langkawi Parade Megamall

It is a huge shopping center with bars and restaurants, hotels and parking lot. You will find there 60 stores, selling the most popular goods, like sweets, cigars, elite alcohol, watches, perfumes, bags of luxurious brands, etc.


There are several shops selling children toys and clothes. The mall is located near the Grand Continental Hotel in Kuah Town.

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

It is the oldest shopping center of Kuah Town, consisting of about 100 shops selling all kinds of products, including sweets, clothes, jewelry, perfumes, sports goods and plenty more.

There are several cafes and fast-food restaurants. Though, not all the stores are selling duty-free goods there.  You can ask around there where to buy the most popular duty-free goods like chocolate, tobacco, and alcohol.

Jetty Point Duty Free Complex

Located at the pier, this shopping center has a large variety of shops selling handicrafts, alcohol, sweets, perfumes and clothing. But take into consideration that in comparison with other duty-free shops the prices there are among the highest.

This shopping center is very convenient for those who are going to leave the island by ferry and would like to do some shopping at the last minute.

Oriental Village

You can go to the Oriental village not only for taking a trip in a cable car, but also for shopping. The village is an outdoor shopping mall with retail shops and stalls selling many kinds of products, including handmade crafts, souvenirs, clothing, key chains and more. There are also duty-free shops selling cigarettes, alcohol and perfumes.

Night market

In addition to Langkawi duty-free shops, there is another place well suitable for shopping, which is a night market.

Every day of the week it is held in a different part of the island. The market is being moved because basically it is focused on the local residents.

The goods that are on sale there are very cheap, although the quality leaves much to be desired. But the main advantage of this market is the ability to try different types of Malay dishes.


Here is a weekly schedule of Langkawi night market:

Monday – night market in Ulu Melaka, Tuesday – in Kedawang, Wednesday – in Kuah Town, Thursday – Tamoyong village, Friday – in Air Hangat, Saturday – in Kuah Town, Sunday – in Padang Matsirat.

The largest and the most populous night markets are held in Kuah Town and Padang Matsirat.


The cheapest and most popular goods there are alcohol beverages, various kinds of tobacco produce, chocolate, perfumes, fake suitcases and bags of a good quality, kitchen-ware of famous brands, great discounts for sports goods of the worldwide famous brands.

When making a purchase, ask about a discount for payment by cash. This can help you to save up to 10 percent!

How do you know about the night market venue? When you get to the town, in which the night market is held, ask the locals about «Pasar Malam», and they will tell you where exactly the market takes place. Night Market is open from 19:00 till 22:00. So, make sure you manage to be there in time!

Now, check out some spots where you can buy original local products and handicrafts:

#1: Langkawi Craft Complex

You can find there many products made by the local residents: silver products and jewelry, wooden crafts and products, pottery, batik, paper souvenirs. It’s quite easy to find the place – it is located in the northern part of the island near the Black Sand beach.

#2: Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing Studio

It is glass-blowing workshop. You can visit a free demonstration of the process of blowing the glass products and then to buy them. If you like beautiful glass handicrafts you definitely have to go there. The place is located behind the main building of Langkawi Craft Complex.


#3: Langkawi Crystal

It is another workshop on Langkawi, where the local craftsmen are blowing glassware and cut-glass ware. The place is located a few kilometers northward of Kuah.

#4: Atma Alam Batik Art Village

This complex offers a wide variety of batik produce, pottery and other handmade goods. The complex is located 2 km away from Langkawi Airport in Padang Matsirat.

#5: Sunflower Handicraft Shop

In this shop you will find a lot of exclusive handicrafts from the entire Southeastern Asia: silverware, wooden statuettes, sculptures and shells. The place is located next to the popular Sun Cafe on Pantai Tengah beach.


Finally, it is worth mentioning about moving around the island. Of course, there is public transport on Langkawi, but the buses are running quite seldom. Very often it happens that tourists are waiting for a bus for a long time and in the end, it may be canceled at all. Such a situation causes lots of inconveniences!

Therefore, for the most comfortable pastime on Langkawi, we advise you to make use of car rental service.  Besides, using you can order any car model at a low price. Langkawi roads are not loaded with cars, they are half-empty. Having a car at your disposal, you can easily get to the remote places of the island, to the wild beaches, and of course, to go shopping at any time wherever you want.

All in all, we hope that once you arrive to Langkawi, you will not only enjoy the local attractions and beaches, but will also make yourself happy with nice and advantageous purchases!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a real adventurer, who travels all over the world. She likes to share her experience and recommendations.

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