The top 7 reasons to go on a skiing holiday this year

There are so many different holiday hotspots and locations you can choose from as well as the activity that you undergo that a lot of holiday goers are lost in terms of what they want and generally go for something safe, generic and cheap purely for the fact that it is quite a lot of effort to scour the internet or a travel brochure for a good location that the whole family will enjoy. The safer option is to book a beach holiday that is all inclusive and gives everybody something to do.

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Whilst this is probably ideal for kids and adults alike having this sort of holiday every single year must be pretty demoralising since it is the same old thing with no sort of variation or action. I think that everybody needs a little bit of action in their lives especially when it comes to a holiday, as enjoying your time off as much as possible is of paramount importance when looking to have time with your family, friends or a partner.

Rushing into a choice that is not necessarily the right one is a mistake that a whole lot of people make, and so it is for this reason that I want you to take a look at or at least consider a skiing holiday. These 7 pointers should persuade you in either direction and so take a couple of minutes of your time for a quick read in order to decide for yourself whether or not you think that a skiing holiday is the right choice for you:

  1. Skiing holidays are different to most holidays you will go on – this may seem self-explanatory and simple but uniqueness and variety is one of the big reasons for you to go on holiday – having the same mundane holiday is taxing on a person and being able to do something different and to push yourself to new limits with something adventurous is something that a lot of people need and greatly benefit from when going on holiday, especially if they would usually not do so.
  2. Skiing itself is great exercise – beach holidays are well known for being lacking in sporting activities for adults, and whilst there are probably some water-based sports and clubs you can attend you are going to be spending most of your time sunbathing. Skiing and keeping active on your holiday will avoid slipping into a habit of excess and coming back home having probably put on weight as well as becoming less active. Whilst you will still have a lot of fun on a skiing holiday the exercise and fresh air is very good for you and should have you feeling great for every day of your holiday.
  3. Skiing gives you great opportunities to see a lot of beautiful scenery – where you may also see beauty in going on a holiday to a historical location and seeing a lot of beautiful museums, this does not match the true beauty of looking over the edge of a mountain to see the scenery below. This is a great experience for families as well as partners as you will enjoy these things all the more.
  4. Skiing is suitable for people of all ages – although there may obviously be some boundaries with injuries or old age ski resorts will accommodate the needs of kids as well as adults, and will also accommodate all skill ranges for skiing. The different tiers of slope will allow you to find your own paradise by having some on the starter slopes whilst others will enjoy the more difficult runs.
  5. The chalets around ski resorts are superb – most are full board and will offer you meals every day as well as being great company and having a lot of activities lined up for you. The icing on the cake is that they will also help you to organise all of your gear and lift passes aswell, and the chalet that I would most highly recommend is the Chalet Madeleine which is owned by Be sure to check them out as a first option.
  6. You can have skiing holidays in winter – this is something that is massively overlooked and undervalued in a skiing holiday, as most regular holidays you will always have in the summertime and therefore only be able to plan around this time of year. However, skiing season lasts for quite a long time and is at another time of year and so if you have other plans for the summer and want a nice vacation later in the year too then skiing is perfect for you.
  7. There are so many different places to choose from – skiing is really popular in Canada, America and also most parts of Europe aswell. You are spoilt for choice and really just have to choose your favourite location based on preference or potentially cost, but the one that I would personally recommend is Meribel, where the Chalet Madeleine resides.



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