Client MotorHome Guide: Useful Advice and Tips

There is no doubt motorhomes are big investments. Below have put together basic user guide to explain useful tips and advises that cover both mechanical and the habitation side of everything. There is no way to stress enough the importance of basic guidelines because they will help protect your investment in both long and short term.


Well, motorhomes systems and specifications differ and the guide below is important, and it is important as well to refer to your motorhome handbook for a general understanding of your investment. Here are some tips from on ensuring your motorhome is at its best.

Road Preparation

It is advisable before setting off on your travels; you are required to double-check the following:-

  • Ensure all gas appliances have been switched off, and you ensure you have turned off all gas bottle
  • Ensure main hook up leads have been unplugged
  • Ensure all accessories like awning and bikes racks are mounted and stowed away securely
  • Ensure the steps have been retracted
  • Ensure leveling blocks or rear steadies have been retracted and moved
  • Ensure free standing tables have been secured safely
  • Check the sink top and cooker lids and ensure they have been put down
  • Ensure all locks and cupboards are closed and locked with no heavy items. Ensure they are stored in high-level cupboard
  • Ensure all lose items such as TV, plates, cups, pots and pans are put away in the cupboard and secured properly.
  • Ensure all windows and roofs lights are closed and locked
  • Ensure the TV antenna or satellite dish has been lowered down safely and secured
  • Ensure the waste water tank has been emptied
  • Ensure the TV has been switched and secure items for travelling
  • Ensure all seats swivels are in the forward facing position
  • Ensure all control panels are switched off


Service Periods (Mechanical And Interior)

Generally, there are two different servicing requirements especially if the vehicle is still new or under the balance of manufacturer’s warranty. The main aim is to ensure own peace of mind and safe. If you fail to do both mechanical and interior servicing done, according to manufacturer’s specification and condition could lead to the warranty being dismissed.

Mechanical Services

A majority of manufacturers specify that the engine should be serviced once a year or after every 10000 miles. However, to be on the safe side, please refer to your own motorhome handbook to be sure.

As per a car, the MOT is due every year the moment the vehicle is over 3 years old. Therefore,it is very important to ensure you have taken good care of your motorhome to ensure it has a long life.

These tips should make it a lot easier to care for your motorhome and keep it in top shape for the long term.

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