Best Travel Places in Southeast Asia

Visiting a country in Southeast Asia can be quite a challenge. This is because it is hard to leave one country in the region without visiting the others. But if you want you know the best travel in Southeast Asia then this article will serve as a good guide.



Can you really have a list of the best travel places in Asia without at least mentioning Thailand? The best thing about this country is that it offers the convenience of a modern cosmopolitan city while still keeping its wonderful natural resources. When you go to Bangkok, you will definitely be amazed by the number of shopping malls and other commercial centers. But when you travel to Phuket, you will feel like you’ve travelled to different country. But wherever you go in Thailand though there is one thing that you should not fail to do and that is to eat. Thai food is one of the best that you can taste in Southeast Asia.


If you think you will now Vietnam by spending just a few days there then you are terribly mistaken. This country has so much to offer and every Vietnamese city is unique. The things that you will experience in Hanoi in the North, for example, will be totally different from the ones that you will get in Ho Chi Minh in the South. And then there are the different cities in between such as Hue and Hoi An. Anywhere you go though you will be greeted with the same smile that Vietnamese people are known for.


Bali is probably more popular than the actual country it is situated in which is Indonesia. It is not surprising to meet people who think that Bali is a country in itself. But Indonesia is more than just Bali. In fact, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is actually one of the emerging cities in Asia. The worsening traffic condition in this city is a testament to this. Indonesia is also home to Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is comparable in magnificence to the temples in Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


If there is one country in Southeast Asia that truly represents the region then, arguably, it is Malaysia. This country has everything that the region has to offer and more. Delicious food, pristine beaches, shopping megaplexes, etc. Name it, Malaysia has it. In recent years, a growing number of tourists are flocking to Langkawi, a cluster of islands in the Andaman Sea that is surrounded by turquoise waters. Now is the best time to visit Langkawi before a greater number of tourists discovers it. If you are a nature lover, then you will definitely enjoy the island of Borneo which is where you will find the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mt. Kinabalu.



The slogan of the Philippine tourism campaign is pretty spot on. It definitely is “more fun in the Philippines.” The country is an absolute paradise. The country might lack the conveniences that other countries offer. But what it lacks in modernity it more than makes up with its abundant natural resources. Love the beach? Then Boracay and Palawan are not to be missed.

These are just some of the best travel destinations in the world. To view some more best travel places click here.


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