How To Guarantee The Best Seat in Sydney This 2015 New Years Eve

Ah New Years Eve. That one time of the year when all is forgiven and, thanks to the magic of alcohol most is also forgotten. It’s also that time of the year when it seems as if every resident in the country has decided that this is the year they are going to make their way into town to watch the midnight fireworks show.


Wait, wasn’t that last year?

Now when it comes to New Years Eve, making sure you have made solid plans for the evening is crucial! I don’t care whether  you are celebrating New Years in Sydney, Paris, New York – even Timbuktoo. If you fail to plan, then you plan to…miss out on all the fun basically. :p Why?

With over 1.5 million people expected to make their way down to Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve  you can only imagine how crowded and chaotic it is going to get. Similar numbers can be expected in Paris and New York, Timbuktoo on the other hand may be a little quieter but I digress.
Finding a vantage point to watch the fireworks therefore becomes a nightmare as people start camping out and taking the best spots up to 5 days in advance. 5 days! Crazy.

Avoid The Sydney Crowds This 2015 New Years Eve

How would you like to NOT have to wait for 5 days to guarantee  yourself a great vantage point on New Years Eve?
How would you like to guarantee yourself the best seats in the house with uninterrupted views of the fireworks this 2015 New Years Eve?  

Sydney New Years Eve Cruises – The Ultimate Indulgence.

Every year millions of Sydneysiders and tourists alike flock to the harbour foreshore to get a glimpse of the midnight fireworks, and every year a few thousand really savvy ones book a harbour cruise on either a private chartered boat or a ticket on one of the party boats instead. Whatever option the chose, these smart people have figured out something that most still haven’t – that a New Years Eve Cruise is by far the best option when it comes to seeing the year out in style.

Yes, But Why a Sydney New Years Eve Cruise?

Do you mean apart from the fact you are anchored on the harbour itself with uninterrupted views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Sydney Harbour? 🙂

Seriously though, the views one gets when they are literally in the middle of the action is breathtaking. Not only that, the proximity to everything means you really are experiencing the true atmosphere that makes Sydney New Years so incredible.

But wait, there’s more!

No steak knives, although they are optional when you choose one of the many catered New Years Eve Cruises. Speaking of catering options…. Nice segway!

What makes a New Years Eve Cruise such a great option apart from the obvious is the cost. In fact chartering a boat for New Years Eve or buying a ticket on one of the many cruises works out to be more cost effective than a night on dry land!

Aerial view of Anzac Bridge and buildings in Sydney

As the cost of food and drink rises in Sydney, and these prices are inflated for New years it becomes increasingly expensive to enjoy a night out in town. Booking a cruise however means your ticket cost includes all food and all alcohol in cases where the cruise is chartered, and it means you are paying bottleshop and supermarket prices for your food and drink in the case of a BYO cruise.

Either way it is a win win from a monetary standpoint, and when you add the fact you are avoiding all those crowds AND guaranteeing yourself a front row seat to the show it becomes a no brainer.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Any Boat today and see 2015 out in Style with a Sydney Harbour New Years Eve Cruise.

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