Chaoyang Acrobatic Show Offers Traditional Chinese Culture and Loads of Excitement

For a traditional Chinese experience filled with excitement and jaw-dropping entertainment, the 1,400 seat Chaoyang Theatre is home to one of the most popular acrobatic shows in Beijing. The flying Acrobatic Show offers up thrills for tourists, and locals alike. The show is comprised of gymnasts from throughout China, and encompasses routines of stunning feats of flexibility that involve jumping through hoops, balancing acts, bikes, fire stunts, lion dancing, and human strength. Combining traditional acrobatics with a modern twist has helped create a link between ancient Chinese culture, and a global world, and attracts visitors from around the world.

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show

Since its construction in 1984, the 3,000 square meter, 1,400 seat Chaoyang Theatre has been the location of to The Flying Acrobatic show, and has received more than five million foreign visitors and has been host to high-ranking officials, such as the president of the Czech Republic, and officers from the International Olympic committee. The theatre was designated as one of Beijing’s cultural centres in 2001. The show, with its highly engaging stunts and acts is sometimes compared to performances such as Cirque de Soleil, and tickets to see the one-hour performance costs anywhere between 200 and 700 Yen. The theatre is made up of 800 seats downstairs, and 600 seats downstairs. Downstairs is made up of 22 rows of seats, and although they are priced higher than the seats upstairs, the view from the first few rows from the upper section may offer a better view of the show. One tip is to purchase tickets at least two days prior to the performance.

Some of the most exciting and popular acts include blindfolded juggling, skipping rope on top of a giant, spinning wheel, and female dancers in exotic and colourful costumes. One of the most thrilling, and audience favourites is a stunt called the Motorbike Globe. The motorbike globe is one of the most dangerous of the stunts performed, and involves multiple stuntmen on motorcycles riding around in a large, see-through globe. As the speed increases, so do the number of cyclist, and so does the intricate interweaving of the riders. The riders come within inches of each other, at high speed, and use precision to manoeuvre their way around the globe, without crashing into one another. Another popular stunt, and crowd-favourite involves a group of women on bicycles who pile more and more people on top of their shoulders, until they are able to form a human pyramid. The stunt is completed when the total number of women stacked on top of each other totals 11.

The historically famous venue is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing. Due to the combination of Chinese culture and history, along with danger and entertainment, the acrobatic show inside the Chaoyang Theatre remains as the most popular acrobatic show in the city.

Important Information:
-Cameras are allowed inside the theatre, without restriction
-Refreshments and snacks are sold, however, outside food may be brought in and enjoyed during the performance
-Ticket prices will most likely be more expensive if purchased at the window on the day of the show. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to receive best pricing.
– Shows are performed three times daily: 15:50, 17:30 & 19:15
– Easy access by Beijing Metro, on Loop Line 10 & Rapid Transit Rail Line 6. Hujialou station, Exit C1.

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