Taking the Ferry to France

Your family will always want to have an enjoyable and relaxing time when going on holiday, but it sometimes doesn’t quite work out that way! For example, there is nothing quite as annoying as a car full of hot, fidgeting kids in a hurry to get down to having fun.



If you are wanting to visit France, then crossing by ferry is a very popular and cost effective way of travelling, especially from the United Kingdom. For some it can be a lot more fun than sitting in an airport hoping that the plane is going to depart on time.

When deciding which mode of transportation suits you, consider cost, convenience, trip length, flexibility and comfort. Air travel can be costly and even if you do find a good deal on a flight, there are additional expenses associated with transportation to and from the airport. The number of airports available you can travel from is limited as well. Security and check-in can be time-consuming and annoying, as can arrival procedures and procuring one’s luggage. Many people, especially children, never enjoy travelling by plane because they must sometimes remain seated in confined and narrow seats for the length of the journey, and the number of personal items they can take with them are limited simply because of baggage restrictions.

However, when you take the Ferryeasy.co.uk, you can be much more comfortable. Ferries are much more relaxed than trains, airplanes or buses as you can leave your luggage in the car (if you bring it) and walk around freely and go in and out of the fresh air as required.

Surprisingly, a trip on a ferry to France an be completed in quite a short time.

Sailing on a short ferry crossing, you may just like to do some duty free shopping and grab a bite to eat, with an exquisite café latte or even a traditional portion of fish and chips prior to walking out on deck to experience the sea breeze.  On a longer ferry crossing, you may have the option of a cabin with many different restaurants, bars and many more thrilling activities.

When comparing the costs and benefits of the different means of transportation available to get to France, taking the ferry is a very reasonable way to travel. You can bring your car and save on car hire costs when on holiday. It may be even to lower costs further using promotions such as Tesco Club Card.

Taking a ferry to France significantly lowers stress, saves time and money and allows you to spend more quality time with family. It really is more like an adventure for the kids! It can make for a more serene trip for stressed out adults rather than the flying – which people are generally a lot more frightened of doing.

A ferry crossing to France will be an enjoyable and memorable experience that you and your family will remember for many years to come.

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