Key West Sail and Snorkel Day Trip from Fort Lauderdale

Key West is annually visited by millions of people to explore the various activities it has to offer and enjoy the warm waters and cool breeze of this paradise on earth. Key West is a dreamlike island located in Florida’s eastern coast. It is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations with its superb tourism activities and tropical marine life. Plan a trip this year to Key West with your friends or family and indulge in a miraculous sea journey.

Key West

Here you can have the most amazing sailing and snorkeling day trip from Fort Lauderdale. It will be a 3 hour tropical adventure amid the raging waves and colorful coral life. The trip from Fort Lauderdale starts from embarking on a 50 foot vessel, catamaran and sail on the clear blue waters of Key West island. Observe the nature around you, breathe in the fresh breeze and soak in as much sunshine as you can. There are experts and instructors to guide you throughout the trip of snorkeling and swimming to explain you the inside life of the surrounding areas.

The journey starts in the early hours of the day from the sailing excursion where you are picked up from the Fort Lauderdale airport. Then you hop in to the coach that takes you through the serene scenes of south Florida, making a stop at Miami and passing almost 32 islands and 42 bridges. You’ll also get to see the famous Seven Mile Bridge here.

The Key West Caribbean atmosphere is refreshing and sun soaked. Witness the local and historical places like he Mallory square and Hemingway house. The 50 foot catamaran is named Aquaworld which takes you on a 2 hour sail, followed by snorkeling under the deep sea waters.

The vibrant and colorful underwater world is a superbly wonderful sight to see. The beauty of the corals around you, the fantastic species of fish and other water creatures will mesmerize you. The 15 hour snorkeling trip will be the best experience for you which you will certainly remember for ages to come. Learn about the creatures for m experts and increase your knowledge about marine life. The instructors provide you the necessary information and safety rules beforehand so your journey is completely safe and convenient. The abundance of the sea life, the wonderful manta rays, brilliantly bright colored fishes and the amazing bubble blowing corals give the impression of underwater heaven.

For snorkeling you are provided all the necessary equipment. The snorkeling gear is sanitized and clean and highly efficient experts will guide you through the basics beforehand.

When you get back on the boat, you can relax while sitting on a comfortable seat and share stories of the underwater experiences with your friends. Take pictures with your beloveds so you can always cherish these memories for the years to come and the generations to follow. Enjoy snacks and drinks while you sunbathe under the bright sun rays and take a brief nap on your ride back to the departure point.

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