How to Stay Safe at Thailand Full Moon Party

Full moon party at Thailand is one of the greatest attractions for tourists all over the world. Originated on Ko Pha Ngan, an Island in Haad Rin, this festival has a rich history and is celebrated with enthusiasm.

It occurs every month before or after the full moon and a number of visitors are on the peak during spring and summer breaks.

Though the party is worth attending, there is a high chance that you might get looted, injured or get high due to high alcohol consumption.

In order to save yourself from such incidents and enjoy to the full extent, you need to go prepared. Here are some handy tips that will help you enjoy the party without any bad experience.


Know that you are being watched

Though Alcohol is one of the major attractions and activities in the event, there are some drug laws that have been implemented for safety. If you try to go beyond your limits, you might find yourself locked up as undercover police are on the patrol during the party.

Sometimes, your own drug dealer will report you to the police. As long as you abide by the laws, you can drink, party and enjoy as much as you want.

Do not declare that you are a tourist

Try to pretend like you are a local or someone who has been visiting full moon party Thailand every now and then.

According to the past incidents, while the tourists and the newcomers are enjoying the party, bad guys break into their hotel rooms and rob their stuff. The best way to avoid such incidents is to act like a pro and live at a decent place with good security.

Do not bring your keys to the party as there is a high probability that you will lose them. If this happens, immediately inform your hotel.

Do not lose your mates

If you are a family or a group of friends, be prepared and enter with a plan. Decide a common place to unite if you get lost. If you lose your friends, you will not be able to find them as the place is overcrowded, loud, dark and full of enthusiastic people.

Wear Nice Footwear

Footwear is very important. Not because you should look stylish and nice, but to avoid burnt or injured feet. The event is full of alcohol, drugs and fire. There are many activities including fire.

The place is so dark and crowded, that thousands of people have reported injured or burnt feet due to broken beer bottles and cigarettes on the ground.

Though you need to be very careful attending the famous Full moon party at Thailand, it’s worth it.

You will get to meet a lot of people and will make amazing memories of the night. With wise planning, you can enjoy this event to the maximum and avoid any inconvenience that might happen.

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