Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek: A complete Guide

Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular trek of Nepal. Many people travel to Nepal only to trek to EBC. It gains its popularity from the view of the highest peak in the world that it offers.


Basically there are two ways in which you can trek to EBC. The first route is one wherein you take a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The other trek is a longer one through Jiri. So instead of flying, you walk your way through and reach Namche Bazaar.

The second route i.e. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is not attempted by many. One requires a certain level of physical fitness because the trek is long and so is the walk. The route is considered to be a difficult one. But the experience you gain from the trek is worth all of it. There are some things about the trek you need to know before you set out for it. This article has laid down certain guidelines for you follow and be aware of so that you can enjoy the trek.

Trek Information:

Accommodations and food and water

You will be spending your nights in tea houses. Tea house is a synonym for guest house. These houses are not fancy but very comfortable. The restroom of some of these guest houses have squatting pnas.

You will be eating in tea houses and local restaurants. Almost all the eta houses have similar menu. You will get a variety of dishes to chose from. For meals, Dal-Bhaat is highly recommended. It is an authentic Nepali dish in which rice is served with vegetable, lentil, chutney, salad and meat curry. The dish is filling and nutritious and will refuel you for your further road.

As you climb higher the price of water will rise. Carry spare water bottles and fill them up in the tea houses. The tea houses sell boiled water for relatively lesser price.

Guide and Porter

Hiring a guide and a porter is highly advisable. A guide will help you with navigation negotiations and during times of emergency. Before you hire one, make sure that he or she is licensed. Guide who can speak languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean are also available if required. A porter is someone who will carry your baggage for you. You can walk free of burden and enjoy the scenery  and other required. We can also manage any other staffs as per your demand.      


You will need quite a lot of equipments to enjoy the trek. Warm Clothes, Down Jacket, Trouser, T-shirt, Hiking Boot, Sunglasses, Sun cream, Knife, Walking Steak, day back pack, Head Light, Sleeping Bag etc. These are few equipments which you must carry during the trek.

Tips on Clothing

Inner socks, Trekking shirts short sleeve, Thermal underwear, fleece sweaters lightweight, one heavier Easy drying long sleeved base layer shirts, woolen blends trekking socks, pair trekking pants with zip off bottom. Dress in layers so that you can easily regulate the temperature of your body.

Outer Layering:

Down vest, wind/rain proof over layer – jacket and pants, peak hat, headband, Warm winter hat, lightweight thermal layer hat, pair gloves, down jacket, Pair trekking boots, pair down booties (buy these at Namche Bazar and they saves your feet.)  Great for keeping feet warm in room and while sleeping and for in the lodge. Pair flip flops (for late night bathroom runs).

Experience & Fitness

Trekking to EBC through requires previous experience. The route is long and graded as difficult. You will also have to be physically fit and healthy to trek. Train yourself prior to trekking. Do cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling. You can also hit the gym to strengthen your muscles if you want. The fitter you are, the more likely you are to enjoy this trek.


Acclimatization is a crucial part of the trek. You can easily fall a victim of this sickness. Keep yourself hydrated. Brink plenty of water. Eat high caloric food. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Take plenty of rest. Ascend slowly.

Despite taking all the precaution if you see any signs of this sickness do not take it for granted. Halt for about 48 hours. Descend to a lower elevation if necessary. Do not exercise and keep yourself hydrated. If you see no improvement within 48 hours, prepare yourself for emergency deportation to Kathmandu.

Best Season to Trek in Nepal

The best seasons to trek to EBC are the Autumn (September – November) and Spring (March – May). The weather is warm and pleasant allowing you to enjoy long walks. Spring collects beautiful flowers, plants and rare animals Walking is also very much suitable during this season. The skies are clearer. You will get clear view of the snow-capped mountains.


Trekking to EBC via Jiri is quite a challenging trek. There are several things one must consider before going down the route. If you keep the guidelines mentioned above in your mind, then you should have a pleasant trekking experience.



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