‘Bessie Knows Best’ is a website that provides detailed information and reviews about¬† caravan parks in Northern Ireland, the republic of Ireland and further afield.

My wife and I bought a caravan in spring 2008 and we named her ‘Bessie’. Doesn’t everyone name their caravan these days? We found that there was a serious lack of detailed information about caravan parks in Ireland: what the sites looked like, how the facilities compared and if they were friendly, homely places or out-to-get-you and over-commercialized rip offs.

This website sets out to provide lots and lots of lovely detailed words and photographs that will help you to decide where to bring your caravan to.

If you are not sure which site you want to go to ask Bessie.  After all, Bessie Knows Best.

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  1. Marie says:

    Hi, love the website well needed in ireland.. is it possble to leave a review on your website of a camp site, also do you have any reviews on Westport House, in Mayo..Many thanks