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What is Angkor Wat? Top Five Reasons Why it is a Must

Cambodia is a country most have never heard of. But in this unknown country, sits the most important archaeological site in the South East Asian region – Angkor. Angkor was the capital city of the ancient Khmer Empire from the

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The top 7 reasons to go on a skiing holiday this year

There are so many different holiday hotspots and locations you can choose from as well as the activity that you undergo that a lot of holiday goers are lost in terms of what they want and generally go for something

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Everest Base Camp Trek – South Side and North Side Comparison

There are two base camps at the opposite side of Mount Everest.  One in the south lies in Nepal and the other in the north lies in Tibet, China. Both the base camps are open for tourists and many wonder

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Renting or Buying Property in Los Cabos

There’s nothing more fantastic than spending a vacation in beautiful Los Cabos.  The water is warm, the nightlife is hot, and there are more events, shops, and locations than you could visit in one trip. Sometimes, though, a hotel room

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Four Things You Must Do in Nevada

Planning on taking a trip to Nevada at some point? The expansive US state is known to be full of exciting things to do and amazing sights to see. Between strolling through abandoned ghost towns and walking amongst the bright

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