Don’t Forget to Pack your VPN

Preparing for travel is already tricky but most of us instinctively think about packing our essential clothing, toiletries, first aid kit etc, our phone, laptop, camera, phone etc…. but wait did you pack your VPN Account? Some of you may say yes, but when travelling most people look at me stunned or confused when I asked if they have a VPN because they do not know what it is.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which in laymans terms is a secure, private, and unrestricted internet connection in the case of a VPN account.

VPNs are not just used for privacy and security, which are very important on their own when travelling whether in the airport, or hotel and especially any “open/unescured wifi connection” your valuable information, details and pictures could be intercepted without a VPN.

VPNs are also used to make sure censorship, filtering and throttling cannot impact you and of course for your privacy and anonymity, it is a good idea and practice to use one all the time.

All VPNs are not created equally, there is a whole industry around providing VPN accounts but like with anything there are good and bad VPN providers and price varies wildly. But definitely expect on the average that the cheapest priced providers will give you more problems, this is because they attract people who often use the service for nefarious purposes that often result in DOS attacks or other service impacting problems.

This does not mean you need to spend a fortune on a VPN account but just be prudent in your choices and also beware of “VPN Review sites” they are mainly created to make money, that means they rank companies according to which one pays them the most commission! Trust independent websites and professionals to give you proper recommendations and also look to see if the company at least has a phone number you can call.

It’s also important to understand a little about VPN technology and products, there are 3 main types of VPNs which are important to know and understand.

There is PPTP, it is not as secure as the other types but it is easy to use and setup, virtually all computers and phones support it without any extra software. The problem is that PPTP is the most likely not to work or be blocked by different networks or countries

L2TP and IPSEC is very secure, slightly more tricky to setup and also widely supported on most platforms.

OpenVPN is one of the most versatile but is also sometimes blocked, sometimes this can be sorted out by some smart providers who will use different ports and protocols or will have many open/options in such a case.

Remember to buy and setup your VPN before you travel and also keep their e-mail address handy for support in case you cannot connect when you reach your destination (eg. if the service is blocked where you travel to).

Here is one of the better blog articles I found about VPN providers and helped me make me decision, mainly because the author explained what I mentioned earlier, how the VPN Review sites are biased (due to commissions paid). This blog article does not seem to make any money from the VPN companies because there is no affiliate link at all and I went with their #1 pick “Pro VPN Accounts“. 

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Moving to a New State

Getting ready to move to a new state can be a daunting task, but it can also be one of the most exciting changes in your life. The prospect of meeting new friends, trying new restaurants, and getting acquainted with a whole plethora of new places can be a really great endeavor. While it may seem like a big job at first, the new life experiences you gain are well worth all the effort. However, it is very important to prepare yourself before making the move to a new state so that the transition is as smooth as possible. There are several things people often forget to consider when moving, so making a good checklist can really help make things easier.

Moving House

Scout Your Options

Though you probably have already decided on a location if you’re ready to move, one of the most important things to consider is your new location. There is a huge difference between living in the heart of a city and living in the suburbs, so make sure you scout out the territory thoroughly. It’s a great idea to take a couple of trips to the new state and city you are hoping to live in to see where the best areas of town are and what happens to be close by. I always like to check out the grocery store situation as well as eating at a few of the local restaurants, and don’t forget to look at the school systems if you have children.

Know the Laws

There can be a big difference in laws from state to state, so doing your homework can be really important. For instance, if you have a 4th of July party every year, you’ll need to check on the local fireworks laws before you break out the plates and hot dogs. Even small fireworks such as sparklers or fountains can be either legal or illegal depending on your chosen state, and the last thing you want to do is have police show up to ruin your fun. By finding out how the laws compare to the ones you are currently used to you can avoid any complications and breathe easy in your new home.

Find a Job

Securing a job ahead of time is a very important step before moving because you need to pay your bills. Unless you are relocating because of your job, chances are that you will need to start the job hunt. A great idea is to see if you can transfer within your existing occupation to a new location, otherwise you’ll need to apply for similar jobs. Either way, you want to have something lined up before you actually make the move because it can be a tough stretch without enough income in a new state.

Pack Smart

Packing smart is very important to keeping your move as stress-free and easy as possible. Most people make the mistake of packing up everything by room without a larger plan, and that can be a real challenge when you first arrive at your new house or apartment. Though keeping similar items together can be helpful in the long run, it’s a good idea to have a couple of boxes that contain your immediately needed items such as the coffee pot, phone, and alarm clock. You probably won’t get everything out of boxes on the first day, so having quick access to the essentials can make your move a much easier task.

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North Vietnam Tour – 6 Days

North Vietnam Tour 6 Days to give you an Exciting and Memorable Travel Escapade in North Vietnam

If you are planning to travel, Vietnam is a lovely country to visit. So where do you really intend to go, South or North Vietnam. Both are actually fantastic places but North Vietnam got many amazing things to offer that do not just impress the eyes but also captivates the heart and soul. You will never regret heading to this place as this can give you the best memories and greatest travel experiences that you can treasure forever.


Are you ready for a North Vietnam Great Escapade? North Vietnam Travel Got You Covered!

Individuals definitely love to travel. Aside from change of environment, individuals also enjoy the freedom, excitement and relaxation when traveling away from home or workplaces where stress and frustration usually originate. If North Vietnam is your chosen destination, you need to ensure that your trip is close to perfection.

North Vietnam Travel offers tourists and travelers who plan to travel and explore North Vietnam with the best tours to Sapa, Halong Bay and many more Fantastic places. With the exclusive North Vietnam Travel tours and packages, travelers are given the chance to discover Northern Vietnam starting from the city up to rural areas, plains to mountains as well as the lakes, seas and rivers.

Sophisticated travelers like you can definitely get the best deals from North Vietnam Travel and experience the incredible combination of North Vietnam’s amazing splendor including ethnic diversities, lush green fields and sublime beauty of many different bodies of water. So for a great travel escapade, take advantage of the tours and travel deals offered by North Vietnam Travel. This makes traveling to North Vietnam one great adventure!

Experience the Best of the North with the North Vietnam Tour 6 Days

The North Vietnam Tour 6 Days is also the perfect option for travelers like you. With this excellent tour package, you will be given the chance to visit and explore Sapa, Hanoi, Halong Bay and many other places of interests. You will also have the opportunity to meet different tribes in the northern hills and cruise the amazing limestone karst formations in Halong Bay. The North Vietnam Tour 6 Days is also an amazing tour on the cultural attractions in North Vietnam.


Upon your arrival, you will be turned over to friendly and trusted tour guides and the start of your tour up to the last day will surely be filled with fantastic memories and great experiences in North Vietnam. If you will avail for this tour package, you will exclusively be given itineraries and schedule of activities from day 1 up to day 6 which you will surely appreciate and enjoy. This tour is the ultimate key to tour around beautiful surroundings and has a glimpse of many wonderful things and places that North Vietnam has to offer.

For an unmatched 6 day experience in North Vietnam, you may probably want to check out here for further details about the tour packages made available for tourists and travelers just like you.  

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Taking the Ferry to France

Your family will always want to have an enjoyable and relaxing time when going on holiday, but it sometimes doesn’t quite work out that way! For example, there is nothing quite as annoying as a car full of hot, fidgeting kids in a hurry to get down to having fun.



If you are wanting to visit France, then crossing by ferry is a very popular and cost effective way of travelling, especially from the United Kingdom. For some it can be a lot more fun than sitting in an airport hoping that the plane is going to depart on time.

When deciding which mode of transportation suits you, consider cost, convenience, trip length, flexibility and comfort. Air travel can be costly and even if you do find a good deal on a flight, there are additional expenses associated with transportation to and from the airport. The number of airports available you can travel from is limited as well. Security and check-in can be time-consuming and annoying, as can arrival procedures and procuring one’s luggage. Many people, especially children, never enjoy travelling by plane because they must sometimes remain seated in confined and narrow seats for the length of the journey, and the number of personal items they can take with them are limited simply because of baggage restrictions.

However, when you take the, you can be much more comfortable. Ferries are much more relaxed than trains, airplanes or buses as you can leave your luggage in the car (if you bring it) and walk around freely and go in and out of the fresh air as required.

Surprisingly, a trip on a ferry to France an be completed in quite a short time.

Sailing on a short ferry crossing, you may just like to do some duty free shopping and grab a bite to eat, with an exquisite café latte or even a traditional portion of fish and chips prior to walking out on deck to experience the sea breeze.  On a longer ferry crossing, you may have the option of a cabin with many different restaurants, bars and many more thrilling activities.

When comparing the costs and benefits of the different means of transportation available to get to France, taking the ferry is a very reasonable way to travel. You can bring your car and save on car hire costs when on holiday. It may be even to lower costs further using promotions such as Tesco Club Card.

Taking a ferry to France significantly lowers stress, saves time and money and allows you to spend more quality time with family. It really is more like an adventure for the kids! It can make for a more serene trip for stressed out adults rather than the flying – which people are generally a lot more frightened of doing.

A ferry crossing to France will be an enjoyable and memorable experience that you and your family will remember for many years to come.

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Beautiful Apartments for Sale in Marbella – Investment, retirement or holiday homes!

Finally good news on property prices. The price of properties has for the first time starting increasing in and around Marbella offering a real opportunity to purchase an investment in Marbella or secure second home at a great price. Rental income is as solid as ever and now shows real opportunity for investors and those looking for a good price apartment in the sun.


We recently announced our brand new apartments and property website servicing the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. There has never been a better range of luxury apartments at these prices. Our website makes it quick and easy to get in touch with professionals in the area guaranteeing a smooth process from search to completion. The coverage is exceptional and range of properties next to none.

Designed with ease of use in mind, it provide users with the latest luxury properties that are currently available on the Costa del Sol. There is also a list of vital information on areas and much more. It provides a simple search function but there is also a property finding service catered to those who have perhaps been searching for a long time but not managing to find what they are after. Spain has always been popular with those looking for a sunny holiday home but now with the euro rate matched with solid property prices, the prospects are as good as ever.

Professionals in the property world are all in agreement that prices on the southern sunshine coast will continue to rise which makes 2016 the year to buy. That matched with an equally competitive rental market means property priced correctly in the area are selling fast!


There are obviously a number of different property styles to choose from on the coast and we hope to make that search more bearable. Whether you are considering a golf resort, luxury mountain side penthouse with spectacular views or something walking distance to the town and beach we have it covered. Having established ourselves even through the recent recession, is ready to help you find your potential investment.

Even if you are not immediately ready, simply sign up to our newsletter to receive exciting opportunities in the near future. Make sure you never miss a property deal! So to find all the property options and opportunities please visit our brand new website.

ABOUT US: Having been well established on the Costa del Sol for over 6 years, and being based in the centre of the action between Benahavis and Marbella centre and with staff boasting over 30 year experience between them; we are confident not only of helping you find the property of your dreams but doing it quickly and enjoyably.

Casa F-4 Montevideo Hills,
Parque Antena,
+34 952882775 & 685991133

Final Note:

To help the property finding service, when contact us please make sure to include as much information as possible no matter how important you may think it is, it will help us save time and efforts so we can focus on what’s right for you!

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