Festivals in Novalja and Zrce Beach, Croatia

Zrce Beach on the Island of Pag, Novalja, is the biggest home of Croatian music festivals. Almost every weekend something big is happening in Zrce, and the place has become a playground for stars. Pag is known for its moonscape appearance and sun-bleached rock formations that make you feel like you are on another planet: the perfect place to lose yourself in the music. Novalja is easy to reach by road and most people fly into Split airport.

Novalja Beach Croatia

For details on how to get from Split airport to Novalja by taxi or private transfer check out Croatia Transfers.


Zrce Spring Break from 25-29 May is a fantastic way to begin the summer with 4 days of international DJs, warm up parties and boat parties.


Spring Break is getting so popular that it has expanded into several festivals in June too. Spring Break Croatia 2016 #1 is on June 1st-6th, and #2 is June 15th-19th.

The Hideout Festival is at the end of June, from 26th to 30th. Over 100 headline acts and underground DJs will perform on 6 open air arenas, with music ranging from house and techno to bass and grime.


Hard Island is on from July 5th-8th, featuring hard music and dance. Hard Island is loud and crazy, yet still intimate, feeling like a large house party with the hard-core DJs right next to you.

Abi Del Mar is on 6th-8th, located in Papaya and Kalypso clubs on Zrce beach. This year it features Jordy Dazz and Mike Candys, and Jerome.

Fresh Island Festival on 12-14th July. Logan Sama, Applebum, Cheese on Bread and Faded are just a few of the impressive line-up one of Europe’s leading Hip-Hop and Urban music festival.

Woodshock on 17th-20th is a new Kalypso Beach Club festival with a mixture of beats from electronic, deep house, house and international DJs.

Armada Music festival is Papaya Club organised, announcing this year prestigious artists from Armin van Buuren’s label Armada Music.

Croatia Rocks is led by the legendary Ibiza Rocks team, and this is its second year running, bringing laid-back beach vibes on the 19-23rd.

Loveweek Festival on 24th-31st is a 7 day line-up of carefully chosen artists from the best clubs of Europe. Soak up the sun, beach and sea and experience the highlight: the Loveship.


Black Sheep Festival is 3 days, 4 clubs and 20+ DJs performing over first weekend of August. The festival will take place in legendary clubs Aquarius, Kalypso, NOA and Papaya.

The Barrakud festival is in its 5th year and brings to the Croatian coast a great mix of techno sounds on the 6th-13th August.

On 7th-10th is the DJ MAG Beach festival, organised by the world’s biggest dance magazine. Zcre Beach Club and Papaya have come together to create a sizzling party for the world to enjoy.

Stereoforest debuted in 2015 and returns this year bigger and better, with fresh EDM beats and top DJs. The party goes on day and night from 8th-10th.

Sonus is five August days-worth of open air clubs and boat parties, this year featuring Apollonia, Binh and Chris Liebing. From the 21st-25th.

August 25th-29th sees the Kalypso Carnival, one of the summers’ most intimate events. It brings the spirit of carnival to the beach, and attracts open people to the open-air party.

Papaya ends the festival season with the Mainstage Closing event on 27th-29th August. End the perfect summer in style at this epic after party!


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What is Angkor Wat? Top Five Reasons Why it is a Must

Cambodia is a country most have never heard of. But in this unknown country, sits the most important archaeological site in the South East Asian region – Angkor.


Angkor was the capital city of the ancient Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 12th century built deeply in the tropical forest of the now modern northern province of Cambodia with an amazing vastness of over 400 square miles in a perfect square shape with perfect measurements. That is 16 times larger than the size of Mecca, the holy place for Muslim pilgrimages!

This impressive yet mysterious capital city of Khmer has more than 1200 ancient temples that still stand in their perfect structure, boasting of a stealth that is greater than the pyramids of Giza. Its perfect layout and measurements display the intelligence of the Khmer era. This huge ancient city depicts a high level of social life with large water reservoirs, basins, canals and huge moats along with systematic communication routes. Such unique and intricate design and building has left many archaeologists astounded with wonderment at such an exceptional civilisation. Although it is more than a thousand years old, the monument still remains as one by building of the most well preserved artefacts despite the weather conditions, poor up-keep and desecrations.


In all its beauty, perhaps none better exhibit the glories of the profound Khmer civilisation than the largest religious monument in the world, the Angkor Wat.

In the words of the French naturalist who discovered Angkor Wat during the 19th century, which he wrote in his diary, it could even rival Solomon’s great Temple in Jerusalem. It was recognised as something grander that is still left unto this day than the temples of Greece or Rome.



Due to its glory, beauty and grandeur, Angkor Wat is a powerful symbol of Cambodia that represents more than just a historical fact, but comes more from a transcultural perspective. The outline of Angkor Wat is drawn in the middle of the Cambodian flag emphasising the treasured living heritage in the hearts of Cambodians, showcasing their fierce national pride. To truly experience Cambodia is not to miss the exploration of the Angkor Wat.


Angkor Wat which was built in the first half of the 12th century is surrounded with a 190m wide moat forming a giant 1.3km rectangle with lions guarding the 480m causeway that leads to the main entrance to the complex of the temple. Its height stands a hundred feet taller than the Taj Mahal and is visited by 2 million people every year. The size alone indicates the high degree to which the veneration of the Khmer empire towards their gods was expressed, let alone that they also built a temple that fitted the style and pompousness of a king, with a long steep stairway entrance, hundreds of rooms, large pillars with intricate designs and the grandeur entrance to each room. The framework and the beauty of the temple have made it one of the finest monuments in the world.

The beautiful and fascinating carvings on each and every wall gives a sense of awesomeness of its detailed and careful sculpting, speaking much of the skilled masonry and long dedicated hours of work in producing such magnificent and complicated reliefs. The construction techniques alone should woo many architects and confound them with their brilliant artistic building using only bricks and mostly sandstone. The significant architectural structures complete with an outer wall, three storeys and topped with carved symbolic lotus flowers, give a grand ensemble of the master architectural skills.


This temple was originally dedicated to Hinduism and over the centuries, it has morphed to venerate Buddha. Angkor Wat stands out as an iconic Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage site for many of the devout. There are hundreds of thousands of individual reliefs, each telling a story of their worship and history of what has gone before in the temple. And unto this day, the locals still adhere to the cultural practise in venerating the temple deities in ceremonies and rituals.


However, the mystery of Angkor Wat still remains and debates surrounding a controversial theory likened unto the mystery surrounding the astronomical and mathematical alignments of Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The sculptures of many unidentified creatures have made many wonder whether it was even built in this world! The precision calculation of Angkor Wat’s landscape measurements has brought many curiosities as to whether the purpose of this building was solely a dedicated religious place of worship or whether it plays more of an astronomicaly mysterious role. No one has found the truth or answers to this great discovery. Even though Angkor Wat has not been officially listed in the 7 Wonders of the World, yet the wonder is not lost in the eyes of the beholder!


A trip of a life time to Morocco

Morocco is best known as the Kingdom of enchantment, legend and romance and if you are thinking of a trips of a life time this year, Gateway2Morocco a leading travel operator offers you the opportunity to experience the very rich cultural heritage through the abundant imprints left by ancient civilizations through some of their Morocco Tours.

Morocco - Camels in Desert

The Kingdom boasts of a unique geography. Only a stone’s throw from Europe, its 2000-mile coastline, bestriding the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, offers innumerable golden beaches. Vast fertile plains provide the country with a solid agriculture which also accounts for the country’s refined cuisine.

In your Morocco Tours you will have a chance to breathe the fresh air of the oases, discover the old mystical Berber villages, loose yourself in fascination with each Kasbah and let the spectacular gorges of the Dades Valley and the sunset on the dunes of Merzouga become the backdrops for your abundant memories of you Morocco tour.

Snow covered mountains, in the winter, introduces avid skiers to spectacular views, while in the summer, all kinds of sports are possible, including trekking, biking, kayaking, etc.

Beyond the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, which is home to many fertile oases, provides unlimited terrain and sand dunes, where land rovers and camels are ideal vehicles for explorations.  With a mix of cultural sightseeing and some exhilarating outdoor adventures your Trip to Morocco will be memorable.


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Tips for road traveling by car

Road traveling by car can sometimes turn into a great adventure. There’s nothing like driving on the road, listening to your favorite music and admiring the amazing landscapes that come across your way. This is an experience that you should have at least once a year. You can do this type of escapade on your own if you want to walk away from your problems and worries and relax, or with some friends if you’re looking for fun and entertainment. Either way, make sure to enjoy it. For this, you have to follow some tips for road traveling by car.


First of all, you must know that if you don’t actually have a car it doesn’t mean that you’re deprived from this experience. You can go to a rental car service and just rent a car. The procedure is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. After that you’re ready to go. Second of all, when having a trip across the country or even the continent, you must have one person to share the driving with. This is the easiest way. Thus, you can avoid the accidents caused by fatigue.

A crucial tip you have to keep in mind is inspecting your car before hitting the road. It’s important to ensure that it’s safe to drive your car. When renting a car, you don’t have to worry about this aspect. But, when you have your own car, you must check absolutely everything: the belts, the spark plugs, the power and brake steering fluid, the battery, the oil, the air and heater conditioner, the absorbers, struts, shocks and brakes. These are vital for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Your car must be in shape before the journey. It’s not recommended to perform this check on your own. The best thing to do is to hire a trustworthy and professional auto mechanic. He’s more experienced and can do the job immediately.

Another tip for road traveling by car is to bring all the vital resources for your vehicle, including jumper cables, anti-freezer, windshield washer solution and extra oil. Also, don’t forget about the fix-a-flat, snow scraper, rags and funnel. You might need these items and it’s essential to have them.

Jump Leads

Water and snacks are also important when traveling. Nutritious and healthy foods such as trail mix, granola, fruits, power bars, peanuts and vegetables are a must. Don’t forget to get reusable water bottles and bottled water. Avoid the sodas and energy drinks because they have too much sugar.

Maps and a GPS system will be of great use during your journey. You most certainly don’t want to get lost out there in the nowhere. Taking numerous breaks and having proper rest is also indicated when traveling very long distances. Bear in mind that the journey is more important than the destination. Thus, be sure to prepare well in advance for your journey. Road traveling by car can be a wonderful adventure so make the most out of it.

Last but not least, make plans ahead of time to book a room at a hotel to stay the night. You’ll want to make sure book ahead of time or early that day. When looking online…you will find that most Online Travel Agencies are priced the same…due to rate parity. We won’t bore you with “rate parity” but do believe that there is a better way to book online and save money. A fairly new Hotel Booking site is offering hotel rates which are “unpublished” to the public by via a membership. To join, you first must be a Facebook member of the HotelHut Travel Club Closed Group. To join this Facebook private group…simply visit the group page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hotelhuttravelclub/) and request to join. This is a private “closed” group which members share traveling tips, advice, and suggestions for all members of the group to enjoy and continue frugal travel!

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Chaoyang Acrobatic Show Offers Traditional Chinese Culture and Loads of Excitement

For a traditional Chinese experience filled with excitement and jaw-dropping entertainment, the 1,400 seat Chaoyang Theatre is home to one of the most popular acrobatic shows in Beijing. The flying Acrobatic Show offers up thrills for tourists, and locals alike. The show is comprised of gymnasts from throughout China, and encompasses routines of stunning feats of flexibility that involve jumping through hoops, balancing acts, bikes, fire stunts, lion dancing, and human strength. Combining traditional acrobatics with a modern twist has helped create a link between ancient Chinese culture, and a global world, and attracts visitors from around the world.

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show

Since its construction in 1984, the 3,000 square meter, 1,400 seat Chaoyang Theatre has been the location of to The Flying Acrobatic show, and has received more than five million foreign visitors and has been host to high-ranking officials, such as the president of the Czech Republic, and officers from the International Olympic committee. The theatre was designated as one of Beijing’s cultural centres in 2001. The show, with its highly engaging stunts and acts is sometimes compared to performances such as Cirque de Soleil, and tickets to see the one-hour performance costs anywhere between 200 and 700 Yen. The theatre is made up of 800 seats downstairs, and 600 seats downstairs. Downstairs is made up of 22 rows of seats, and although they are priced higher than the seats upstairs, the view from the first few rows from the upper section may offer a better view of the show. One tip is to purchase tickets at least two days prior to the performance.

Some of the most exciting and popular acts include blindfolded juggling, skipping rope on top of a giant, spinning wheel, and female dancers in exotic and colourful costumes. One of the most thrilling, and audience favourites is a stunt called the Motorbike Globe. The motorbike globe is one of the most dangerous of the stunts performed, and involves multiple stuntmen on motorcycles riding around in a large, see-through globe. As the speed increases, so do the number of cyclist, and so does the intricate interweaving of the riders. The riders come within inches of each other, at high speed, and use precision to manoeuvre their way around the globe, without crashing into one another. Another popular stunt, and crowd-favourite involves a group of women on bicycles who pile more and more people on top of their shoulders, until they are able to form a human pyramid. The stunt is completed when the total number of women stacked on top of each other totals 11.

The historically famous venue is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing. Due to the combination of Chinese culture and history, along with danger and entertainment, the acrobatic show inside the Chaoyang Theatre remains as the most popular acrobatic show in the city.

Important Information:
-Cameras are allowed inside the theatre, without restriction
-Refreshments and snacks are sold, however, outside food may be brought in and enjoyed during the performance
-Ticket prices will most likely be more expensive if purchased at the window on the day of the show. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to receive best pricing.
– Shows are performed three times daily: 15:50, 17:30 & 19:15
– Easy access by Beijing Metro, on Loop Line 10 & Rapid Transit Rail Line 6. Hujialou station, Exit C1.

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